This hair…

So as of now I am 3 years and 3months post big chop off (please go back and read the post if your are new) anyhow this hair now has its own entity. People literally stop me to either compliment my hair or to ask questions like: How do you get your hair to look like that? At this point I’m so over it I thought you know what I’m going to direct them to my blog and if their truly interested they will seek this wonderful information that is out there for anyone to get. Time is money, and the people that are usually asking me these questions see I’m on that good stroll. Answering a loaded question about my hair will at the very least take me 15-20mins, and that’s only if you know the natural hair terminologies, and hair products. So this introduces me to my new section Fro 3.0, I have always talked about my hair on this blog. But this time I will show hairstyles, products that are currently working for ME, and I may even do a couple vids…*gasp*

I kid you not I get stopped. Check out these two posts I was in, they are from the same day while at the Roots Picnic 2013!!!

roots picnic

roots picnic2