On the night stand.

Put me anywhere on gods green earth I triple my worth *MF*-Jay z

So money- money- money -money has been on my mind for years now, I’m not talking about yearly salary kind of money I’m talking about my net worth..kinda money. Ever since I was little I always heard my parents say they were broke, anytime I wanted to take a trip or do something the answer was NO were broke. It wasnt until I got older did I realize my parents were never broke they just said NO in order to keep ample cash flow amongst a family of six.

Then theirs my BFF she graduated with a finance degree, and since freshman year when we were roomies I would watch her always budget right down to the .86cents she spent on candy. I would look at her crazy because every day she would be balancing her checkbook—later when we became roomies after graduation she would budget like once a week and she would spend like and hour doing so. I always admired her diligence, but I never thought to ask her questions about her strategies, I knew she had a formula but I always just brushed it off like “i’m not savvy enough to learn it” and “numbers scare me and im bad at math.”

Well now 4years later and i’m just not really satisfied with how I spend, budget, and save my money. A light bulb went off in my head that said this is the time to learn about acquiring wealth and being smart about investment choices (blame the OWN network, if you dont know what that is, it’s oprahs new network)

I called my BFF and asked her what book she suggested for a 26year old that’s possibly about to go back to graduate school she suggested:

Smart women finish rich by: David Bach

I am a firm believer that knowledge is the most empowering gift you can give to someone. So I will briefly highlight some of the bullet points I took away. I suggest you do your own financial research, this book is a good start whether you are a man or women.

  • What determines your wealth is not how much you make but how much you keep, of what you make.
  • Fair or not women need to do more financial planning than a man
  • Inflation is still public enemy #1
  • No matter how much or how little you earn whenever you make any money before you spend any of it you should put away a little for yourself–in the book this is referred to as the latte factor. How to create massive wealth on just a few dollars a week.
  • Know what you earn: I currently earn $_____a month before taxes, and $_____ after taxes
  • Estimate what you spend each month
  • If you work for a company that offers a 401(k) that matches open up an account, if you dont inevitably your throwing away free money(this is something I always knew but it never registered until NOW when they said it was free money I was turning down if I didnt join– I wanted to bang my head on a wall thinking about all the money I could have saved up by now had I joined. All my past jobs offered a 401(k) and matched)

Those are just a few tips I have a lot of work to do because these key points come with goals and charts I must fill out to keep me on track and focused on the “big picture”

The next book I’m reading is: The money book for the young fabulous & broke by Suze Orman

Now I like Suze Orman but I dont really like her style of writing, when it comes to sharing information I understand her books are geared more towards my generation but everything doesnt always have to be a story. I can deal without the stories, just give me the cold hard facts followed up with concrete examples.

The reason why I picked up this book is to become more informed about my student loans, I paid off one. But the rest i’m clueless as to what to do and where to begin??

The added bonus was the section about investing made easy. She broke it down as follows:

  • The best funds for your 401(k) and Roth IRA
  • Diversifying your risk
  • Dollar cost averaging

As quoted by Suze “I know this subject is serious stuff. your future is riding on it. But taking control of your financial life doesnt need to be a solitary and  scary process.  Fear comes from not knowing what to do or how to do it. And when we are fearful, we do nothing.”

I encourage you all to educate yourself so that the cycle of debt doesnt continue.


My last week was a whirlwind

During my last week I had so much crap to do it didn’t make any sense but I took it day by day. My flight is scheduled to leave Wednesday and on Monday I have to go to immigration office to extend my ARC card(dont worry about this just explaining my day) I spent about 2-3hours there monday and tuesday— no worries because I live only a few blocks away so I went home to kill time and then I would return.

 Sidebar::::::I lost my freaking phone AGAIN!! Two weeks before I’m scheduled to leave——–uggggghhhh!!! How did this happen??? I don’t know?? All I know is the one day I’m pumping myself  up getting ready for my morning commute, I was blasting GOOD  music in my ears while riding my bike and I somehow drop my phone(and a SD card filled with pics and video I wanted to use for the blog)…………..anyways back to the story

Now its tuesday and Its my last night in South Korea and I have a date!?! yea a date!!! what great timing::: I liked this gentleman and he made the plans so I just rolled with it–I still had packing to do but in my mind I reasoned a date was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYyyy more important then packing. The date went lovely and that’s all I will say!!

Here are pics from my last day of teaching. It was a sad day indeed.



If you would like to see more click on the photos below!

Saying goodbye to my Korean family

(^ ^)

This is by far the hardest goodbye I have had to make in my life::: my korean family.

 They have taken me under their wing since day 3 of my arrival here, I will always LOVE them for inviting me into their home words can not express the value they have added to my life!!!

The boys… I will miss my boys, I sometimes feel like I will always be a tomboy I loved playing with them even when they were bad a*@ bebe’s kids.  For our last dinner together I told them I would bake chocolate chip cookies….something as simple as this(baking is not customary in a korean household) had them so happy!! Plus they love eating them

Did you enjoy the cookies Wonbin?

Did you enjoy the cookies Woojin?

 I will admit I cried to myself when I left them, it was hard for me to say goodbye especially to Hui Yeon. Up until the last min of me heading to the airport I was at her shop. I decided to give them my bike as well—I ran out of time before I was able to sell it!!

This bike was my everything in Ansan

My last weekend with the girls

he would not stop swinging that cigarette in CeCe’s face lolz

(updated:::I have already made it home. I have neglected my blog!! I fell into the pit of abandoning my project right before the end date but since im dedicated im going to finish this through) 

Nov. 5th

I have 10 days left in South Korea…….woooohoooooo the countdown is becoming real!!! This is not my last weekend in South Korea but the last taste of the night life……Over the last few months I have become very close with these ladies minus lindsey who is at home sick with strap throat (>.<)

Ever since Taiwan we have been ‘kickin it mad tuff’—now may I insert a random tantrum::: now ME, Monique Coke, MUAH I have never been one to chill with more then one or two females at a time since my H.S. days.  Females just have way too much fiestyness about us(i’m no exception) but these chicks…. I can chill with ’em all day everyday(well maybe not everyday, I need my ME time) It feels good to be accepted for the person you are, it feels even better when people dont try to change that person. 

This was my last weekend PART-A celebration…now I can count on 2 hands the amount of times I stayed out partying in South Korea but this night I wanted to go IN–meaning I have worked my behind off this past year!!!!! So Im going to party till the trains start running again!!!!!


I would have to say one word about that night *EPIC* I’ll let the pictures paint the story!!!!!

This is also known as the night  PD got a boo ^ ^



all night with the drinks


my korean boo


get it!


and then chuck the dueces



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It really shouldnt be so complicated

Lately I have been slacking on my blog and the main reason is well…because I haven’t been inspired or compelled to write. I enjoy blogging I like writing but the work behind the scenes is more than most people would expect, it’s not as though I don’t have the time (actually as of lately I really haven’t had the time) but I wish this blogging thing could be more simplified there are so many steps just to upload pics then proofread then tag the subjects blah blah blah….at the end of the day I just want to relax and do nothing….even when I’m doing nothing I’m doing something—so with that being said I want to upload my Taiwan pictures but I just haven’t had the time to deal with WordPress’s crap.  Just to tell you a little secret I normally upload my pictures when I’m at school I USED to have time in the day on Tuesday to handle those kinds of things, but since I have been left by myself to teach the English classes I haven’t had time to do NOTHING!!!! I am always lesson planning so any time I do have on my hands, its spent getting other urgent things prepared.

Which brings me to my next topic first let me show you these pics


Do you know what those are and what it means????c’mon take a guess you can do it….

 Ok give up…. well those my friends are two boxes that will be shipped off to CALIFORNIA why is this a big deal you might ask?????WELL I’M OUTTA HERE IN 6WEEKS!!! COUNT’ EM UP 6WEEKS YIIIIIKKES!!! I am so elated too excited I can’t even tell you. Since I’ve gotten back from my trip everything has been centered around making sure I have a smooth transition outta here. The first thing on my mind was let me pack a couple of items because I was getting a lil stressed about luggage overages so Monday I have off, I decided I will take a taxi to the post office and mail these babies off…next I need to make a dash to a bank so that I can wire money to my travel agent because I have booked my flight for NOVEMBER the 16th shes definitely gotta get paid ASAP, then I need to skeedadle to my bank to wire some money home the currency exchange is mad low right now(I have been stalking the rates for the 3months now) and I have been holding onto this money till it was the right time to transfer it away,  then lastly I was gonna head to the store to return some leggings. My favorite leggings have officially been washed to smithereens and I wanted to replace them because their holding on by threads— long story short the ones I picked up were not the replacements why the hell am I even telling you this anyways everyday or every other day I clean up or throw away useless items so when the last few day roll around im not stuck trying to get rid of it at once.

Lastly I have been feeling like a hefer I feel like I have gained massive weight but in reality I really haven’t the reason I feel like a hefer is because I went from doing YOGA 3-4 times a week to 0 times a week and trust me I have tried to keep up on my own buts its not the same and I’ve never been one to be a solo workout kinda person my body was on its way to being stacked and in one year its not all lost just frustrating because I have a goal that I want my body to reach, oh and for those that are saying under your breath why didn’t you join a YOGA studio out here WELL been there tried that. All the studios instructors are Korean who have directions given in Korean and ?!?!?! not gonna work.  

Ok till next time supposedly I’m getting a new co-teacher so I hope shes decent and can jump right into the swing of things and begin lesson planning with me cuz im sick of doing 7 kinds of lesson plans all by my dammy.