I'm bossy... i'm chick yall luv to hate!!!


About me…I am still learning a lot about myself but the one thing that is constant is this “The only real elegance is in the mind. If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” -Diana Vreeland 

updated 4/29/2010 

I decided to add things about myself as I go.. 

  I like to talk, but not to everyone.  

I’m a travel junkie 

I’m a hopeless romantic I’m not as bad as I used to be 

I’m a narcissist and a bit of an extremist 

I like meeting new people but I don’t like having a lot of friends too many friends+ extrovert me= leads to major disappointments 

I love my friends this trip has shown me what real friendships are about–skype is a wonderful thing 

I would kill for my family, my mom and my dad are THE BEST PARENTS ever created. 

I’m emotional but I don’t cry as easy as I used to 

I don’t appreciate Hampton as much as I should(he’s my dog) 

I am very strong 

I have a lot of patience 

Passive aggressive is the way to go, sometimes saying nothing and smiling is more powerful than commenting 

I love staying in shape, my small waist is the envy of most.(thanks for those genes dad) 

I love when my skin is sun-kissed 

My favorite color is still pink 

I miss yoga(the instructions are in korean out here)