Internship Ready!

So it dawned on me today that I’m half way complete with my internship and I have yet to post my outfits. It’s not because I’m lazy or not dedicated… but believe it or not I don’t have a tripod stand for my camera. It has hindered me from being able to take great shots. No! This is not an excuse but it’s a major factor…. I got soooo frustrated that last night I decided to rig a stand for my camera; I made a MacGyver like stand that should work for now.

I’ll be sure to post every outfit I wore this week—I’m cheating a bit because it’s a 3day work week with the 4th and July and all.

Well here is my outfit for today very simple, yet very comfortable. I’ve actually worn these pants once each week which is hilarious because I was very close to throwing these pants out—why you ask? Well I thought they were too baggy, but it’s the very reason I love them for days I feel sick, or bloated in the morning time. They are from Zara; I bought them awhile ago at Zara when they were having their huge end of the summer sale paired with a basic neon yellow top from Target, a polka dot blazer and Nine West sandals both from Marshalls both on clearance!

So far the challenge of not buying any new clothes has been successful, click here to read what the challenge is about.  But there was an exception…. I needed hot yoga apparel, which doesn’t even count because bikram is for working out—it’s hot and sweaty and I file that under workout gear!



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