Internship Graduate Style

So if you’ve followed me from the past, then you know I had been waiting to gain acceptance to a graduate program: International Peace and Conflict Resolution @ Arcadia University. Well….. round of applause. Because since we last chatted I have gained acceptance into the program, and I have officially completed my first year– ALIVE!!!!! I will definitely get more into that in another post, but for now I would like to get into a new segment I would like to introduce to the blog which is Internship Graduate Style. So I have taken a challenge…I love clothes, I have an affinity for them, and after moving to Chicago for my internship I realized I have TOO many clothes. It is so excessive it makes absolutely no sense. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having an abundance of fashionable clothes but after sooooo many– really whats the point!?

So the challenge is:

I cannot buy new clothes

I have to wear everything at least once

If there are items I don’t absolutely adore I must throw them out or if they get stained (to make room for next year of course!)

The sections will be split up into two categories:

Internship Ready!
Out-of-Office Wear

This is just a way for you to see how you can look polished, and office appropriate. Some office outfits I see are just horrendous, and it makes me wonder…



So check back often as I will be posting weekly. This is going to be a hard challenge, I love clothes.


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