Saying goodbye to my Korean family

(^ ^)

This is by far the hardest goodbye I have had to make in my life::: my korean family.

 They have taken me under their wing since day 3 of my arrival here, I will always LOVE them for inviting me into their home words can not express the value they have added to my life!!!

The boys… I will miss my boys, I sometimes feel like I will always be a tomboy I loved playing with them even when they were bad a*@ bebe’s kids.  For our last dinner together I told them I would bake chocolate chip cookies….something as simple as this(baking is not customary in a korean household) had them so happy!! Plus they love eating them

Did you enjoy the cookies Wonbin?

Did you enjoy the cookies Woojin?

 I will admit I cried to myself when I left them, it was hard for me to say goodbye especially to Hui Yeon. Up until the last min of me heading to the airport I was at her shop. I decided to give them my bike as well—I ran out of time before I was able to sell it!!

This bike was my everything in Ansan


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