I needed something..

So every now and again I get these urges to do something– I dunno RANDOM, with a mix of pain—a few years back I had my Monroe pierced and took it out due to entering corporate world. Well the opportunity came a knocking and I re-pierecd my Monroe. Nobody wanted me to get it done but hey don’t forget yours truly is ms solo dolo……….. so introducing my new addition  

These were taken a few weeks ago and these are my gurls from high school, we had a mini reunion—years later and we are EXACTLY the same as when we were in high school just more mature.

This is a star shot picture of  jade and I. This picture was taken back in High school… yes folks this was me Senior year in high school hahaha. This was the hottest thing to do back in the day, have pics taken with your BFF’s

That is all folks



So Now im back in the states


Let me tell you all something I went through a real emotional rollercoaster–this is something that I can not describe because even when it was described to me it didnt come close to any of those words. On a scale from 1-10 of how painful it was to transition back to civilian life I would say it was a 100! Literally the moment I landed on US soil I felt like I had made a huge mistake and I wanted to go back….. WTF!?!?! Then I couldnt sleep, I was a walking ZOMBIE for about 2 straight weeks::::the second day back I broke out into random bouts of tears, like full on im boohoo. Again WTF?!?!? I didnt want to see anybody while in cali the only person I saw was my homegirl Kaloni and my other homegirl Vay people that looked out for me you know….so I hid from the world, it was just too much—way too much stimulation.

That same week I returned Saturday I took off to the Dirty Dirty south to see my second sister we did a road trip to see my first sister who lives in DC–madness I know but it was all for a good cause–grad school. So I was just visiting mad friends that  I hadn’t seen since before I left–

I went to visit my university from Undergrad to see my professors::pretty much beg them for letters of recs–the one professor I was scared to see  ended up giving me the best letter of recommendation I have ever seen!!!! (lets just say he was one of my challenging professors that can smell bullshit lightyears away, so you have NO choice but to come correct in his classes!!!) anyways I couldnt have been more thankful, it was meant to happen that way–considering 2 of my professors no longer worked there (heartbreaking).

We then made our way to DC so we could spend thanksgiving and my birthday up there!!! Oh yea everybody my birthday passed hahaah first time in my life where my birthday really wasnt a big deal to me—for my birthday I met the creator of the Zuresh product line so I will have to do an update post of  all the sweet things I bought from her OMG let me just say::::HEAVEN!!!!! We ate at this spanish restaurant but on the way there I passed out in the car for a quick Zombie nap. Out of nowhere I just woke up like a Dracula or something. My sisters were like What the heck is wrong with you!?!?!  After I awoke I walked across the street to best buy to purchase Kanyeeeezy CD (yeeezy taught me) and then had dinner it was a good night(sorry the pics of the dinner got deleted)

but here are some highlights of my road trip

First on the list stone soup kitchen and my best bud:


This chai tea has haunted me many nights


my homboys do music now so i laid down a quick 16bars it will never see the light of day!!

 Chillin with fam for the holidays in DC, can I just say I love the vibe of DC!!(my sisters townhouse is the the bizness)

Jorge and I, I was about to fight


mmmmmm jamaican food *drool*

My birthday

playing with my older sisters antique phone

fresh flowers


Donette, my second sister took me on a 4hour mission to see the lincoln memorial—my hands froze and I was pissed at her for making us walk like 10miles but it was worth it.

We then made our way to NYC to visit my aunt in BROOKLYN!!! My third Home.

my sister just had to be a tourist

Headed to Philly philly to visit my grad school, sat in on a class and spoke with the director of the department International Peace and Conflict Resolution. Looking good folks wish me luck on acceptance–after I visited the other half of the 3Musketeers and her baby in New Jersey.

Just like old times


My lil god-daughter


Came back full circle to ATL to see my right hand man Eboni before I took off

We do this for a living


not quite


My last week was a whirlwind

During my last week I had so much crap to do it didn’t make any sense but I took it day by day. My flight is scheduled to leave Wednesday and on Monday I have to go to immigration office to extend my ARC card(dont worry about this just explaining my day) I spent about 2-3hours there monday and tuesday— no worries because I live only a few blocks away so I went home to kill time and then I would return.

 Sidebar::::::I lost my freaking phone AGAIN!! Two weeks before I’m scheduled to leave——–uggggghhhh!!! How did this happen??? I don’t know?? All I know is the one day I’m pumping myself  up getting ready for my morning commute, I was blasting GOOD  music in my ears while riding my bike and I somehow drop my phone(and a SD card filled with pics and video I wanted to use for the blog)…………..anyways back to the story

Now its tuesday and Its my last night in South Korea and I have a date!?! yea a date!!! what great timing::: I liked this gentleman and he made the plans so I just rolled with it–I still had packing to do but in my mind I reasoned a date was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYyyy more important then packing. The date went lovely and that’s all I will say!!

Here are pics from my last day of teaching. It was a sad day indeed.



If you would like to see more click on the photos below!

Happy New Year



I can’t believe its 2011!!! I know where my year went I definitely know what my plans our, like I stated last year I don’t make New years resolutions I think something up and I just do it.

Happy 2011!!!


Saying goodbye to my Korean family

(^ ^)

This is by far the hardest goodbye I have had to make in my life::: my korean family.

 They have taken me under their wing since day 3 of my arrival here, I will always LOVE them for inviting me into their home words can not express the value they have added to my life!!!

The boys… I will miss my boys, I sometimes feel like I will always be a tomboy I loved playing with them even when they were bad a*@ bebe’s kids.  For our last dinner together I told them I would bake chocolate chip cookies….something as simple as this(baking is not customary in a korean household) had them so happy!! Plus they love eating them

Did you enjoy the cookies Wonbin?

Did you enjoy the cookies Woojin?

 I will admit I cried to myself when I left them, it was hard for me to say goodbye especially to Hui Yeon. Up until the last min of me heading to the airport I was at her shop. I decided to give them my bike as well—I ran out of time before I was able to sell it!!

This bike was my everything in Ansan

Another going away soiree

Since Lindsey was out sick for my going away party she wanted to see me off —

 I really wasnt up for anything my schedule was jam-packed and I had more than enough things to keep me busy but I decided to do a little lunch thingy and my other friends decided to crash as well and another friend of mine Thuy decided to join as well. I love Lindsey she made me an earring and bracelet set!!! Totally unexpected and she made them to fit my personality exactly!!

We met at the mexican restaurant called dos tacos. It was a good night indeed filled with good company and many stories to reminisce from; I vowed never to return to South Korea!!!! and I am caught on Alexis’s camera saying so:::it was a good night but I had to hurry home to catch the train because I had promised my Korean family I would have dinner with them.

Oh how I will miss my life here I already know it—