My last weekend with the girls

he would not stop swinging that cigarette in CeCe’s face lolz

(updated:::I have already made it home. I have neglected my blog!! I fell into the pit of abandoning my project right before the end date but since im dedicated im going to finish this through) 

Nov. 5th

I have 10 days left in South Korea…….woooohoooooo the countdown is becoming real!!! This is not my last weekend in South Korea but the last taste of the night life……Over the last few months I have become very close with these ladies minus lindsey who is at home sick with strap throat (>.<)

Ever since Taiwan we have been ‘kickin it mad tuff’—now may I insert a random tantrum::: now ME, Monique Coke, MUAH I have never been one to chill with more then one or two females at a time since my H.S. days.  Females just have way too much fiestyness about us(i’m no exception) but these chicks…. I can chill with ’em all day everyday(well maybe not everyday, I need my ME time) It feels good to be accepted for the person you are, it feels even better when people dont try to change that person. 

This was my last weekend PART-A celebration…now I can count on 2 hands the amount of times I stayed out partying in South Korea but this night I wanted to go IN–meaning I have worked my behind off this past year!!!!! So Im going to party till the trains start running again!!!!!


I would have to say one word about that night *EPIC* I’ll let the pictures paint the story!!!!!

This is also known as the night  PD got a boo ^ ^



all night with the drinks


my korean boo


get it!


and then chuck the dueces





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