Open class-Last Wednesday

My new co-teacher took this pic right before my class

Last Wednesday I had to put on my tap shoes and do a number from one of my bojangles classics AKA open class—open class is a requirement for all native teachers to participate in, i’ve done three of them since I began. Pretty much you and your co-teacher have to display your teaching skills in an interactive learning environment.

The kids have to sit quietly in their desks as they raise their hands and answer all of questions and complete all activities with 100% effort and 100% accuracy…. seeing how that NEVER happens in a real classroom setting what is one to do??? Well you must fib (basically feed them the answers well in advance so once open class approaches their perfect and in sync) not my choice!! Since my new co-teacher is way to NEW me and Ji-young got to team up an perform for the parents!!! Ji-young was nervous and I can tell because when she’s nervous she likes to speed thru everything without taking the time to breathe—me on the other hand i’m laid back– I like to take my time and make sure my content is delivered with proper annunciation and slow enough speaking. But since she just translates in Korean she is able to zip through everything without a breathe— once again it really didnt make any difference to me I try to have fun at all cost!!!

The lesson was on ‘What do you want to do’ so that was quite simple take a look

2 parents that came to support there were 3 this was a good turnout for english believe it or not!


40mins and open class is complete I give it a grade of B-


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