Facebook vent

Ok I have this problem this issue and I want to scream to somebody about MY frustration with myself and with me falling into the facebook nonesense….I was gonna keep it all bottled in like I normally do since living out here, but I was like hey I have a blog why dont I share my thoughts and feelings and maybe someone else out there may comment or feel what im about to say so here it goes…..

Ok I have a love hate relationship with facebook it was the best invention when it first hit the scene during my college years it was like being in a members only association. Only people who were in college had the inside scoop– now any, and everybody can use it but thats not my beef, my beef is Facbook limboing(as i call it), some call it stalking but how is it stalking when your friends with that person?? Anyway my issue is there is a friend I have on Facebook that I have deleted many times,  I cant stand this person(but when we see each other its like we never had issues…but forget that) for the simple fact that I cant have my way(not with them, c’mon get your mind right…. but why the hell are you always asking to be my friend yet you dont want to talk, you dont respond to my messages, and you darn sure dont hit me up on my wall) only time this person speaks to me is when a specific event is going to happen and they want to know if i will be around. Here is the dilemma I know black from white there is no Gray area of what this person is…..so my issue is why the hell cant my brain understand that. I go through these emotions all the freaking time, one day im like deuces, dont talk to me, when you see me in the streets shawty you dont know me— and then a couple months later im like hmmmm I wonder how their doing maybe I should send them a message. I’m too nice and I let that get the best of me at times.

So what sparked this rage????? Well I hate when people post stupid crap on their pages  crap that could have double meanings— so this person I believe is trying to say their ready to get married and their about to take the leap and what not. Great thats lovely!!! but why do you need to tell Facebook about that isshh shouldnt some things be kept to yourself??? I mean really why dont you just get married then post the pics so we know your’re bout it because I could have sworn you said something similar before. What frustrates me the most is just a couple of weeks ago they sent me a message talken about whats good, where you at, blah blah blah. Arrrrggggggghhh these are the days I wish I was in my own relationship, these are the days I hate being single….why?!?!?! because being single only magnifies how single you are especially when people come bothering YOU when you didnt ask to be bothered.

So instead of deleting this person for the 4th time NO LIE I’ve found out how to put peoples news feeds on block—hence I dont have to hear your B.S. about you getting married, or you falling in love, or you found the one. One thing I can just hear the critics saying is why are you stressin this? or Why do you bother messing with Facebook??—well well understand one thing Facebook has been my lifesaver out here, its the one thing that keeps me sain and in touch with America. Without it I feel like I would have lost touch with so many of my freinds and missing out on certain peoples accomplishments. Facebook might be just this mindless, no good waste of time for some people but for me I use it as a way to stay involved and to show the people I care about my interest in them—so when people abuse my friendship and start talking a whole lot of nonsense…. yea it bugs me but I refuse to let one or two fools take my pleasure out of it. Once I get home I think I will put FB on hiatus

-ok vent over.


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