Made in Taiwan.

Travelling to taiwan was an unexpected unplanned but planned trip. I say that because I never had that country on my list to travel to but hell— living here in South Korea has made me want to visit anywhere and everywhere. Taiwan did not dissappoint it was the opposite to my vacation to thailand, it wasnt about R&R more like conqueror divide and meet up with freinds I have met from living out here in SOKO!!!!

long train ride home from the beach

Cyrena and her boo Markos

So as the post reads made in Taiwan you can guess what I mostly did on my trip—-you guessed it TONS of shopping. Just to give you an idea I filled up one of those big chinese bags full of things and half of my duffle bag that i had brought out there with my things. I just couldnt stop especially since taiwan boasts the biggest night markets you have ever seen in your life—-everything I mean EVERYTHING is negotiable and if its not you walk out that door because why???– its taiwan everything is discounted.

I will say this though some of the items were fairly priced and I wouldnt even bother asking for a discount because c’mon they gotta make a profit. But sometimes I wouldnt say anything and I would just have casual conversation with some of them and they would still give me  nice lil redcution in price!!! Now thats service, how do I go back to regular shopping now??? I will have to do a post on some of the items I died for.

So instead of stayin in fancy bougeious hotels I opted for hostels 2 main reasons being 1. I was limited on time so I wanted get in as much “taiwanese culture” as I possibly could in one week, staying at hostels allows you to do that because it is more then likely ran by a native and their wealth of knowledge and stories adds a personal touch hotels can not provide 2.the hospitality is beyond accomodating they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable like you were at home plus you cant beat the prices…just ball park range I spent about $250 US dollars on 7nights/8days (I stayed in 2 different hostels, I wanted 2 different locations which = two different kind of perspectives)

NTU Hostel...took me 3hours to find..sheeesh

The first hostel was located in the heart of NT University young fresh and new with a dash of hustle and bustle I love. I had everything here shopping, cheap food, tapioca tea drinks I die for these(akd boba drinks), train station 3mins walking distance, clubs, movies, waterpark, EVERYTHING!!!! It was a bit noisy as my room was located right next to the double triple secured door(understanble) but I loved it. 

The second hostel was about 20-25mins away –jiantan stn I was right next to the biggest night market in taipei shinlin market OMG!! This hostel potatoe hostel was for females only but I loved it here even more then the last it felt like my room from when i was a little girl I was really comfortable here. The girl who owns the place Jill was a sweetheart and she had just came back from Egypt so me and her were talking for hours about our experiances, we both LOVE egypt beyond words!!! We travelled to some of the same places and visited some of the locals that I bought some goods from…I just gushed to her about how much I fell in love with Philae temple I havent been able to connect with anyone yet about that and she as well so it was fate!!

Jill and I. She runs the hostel

My princess room

The sights I went to:

Martyrs shrine

rememberance of the men who fought the great wars of taiwan

We got here just in time to watch the famous changing of the guards, they are precise and elegant with their uniform moves and timing with the rifles!

left guard

right guard

L guard

R guard

Makong gondola

This was so peaceful and relaxing. 30mins of air suspension

At the top I finally decided to try stinky tofu and chines sticky rice---ewww on the stinky rice not for me

I took in the sights

Then finished the evening with tea

Zhinan shrine

Sick night view


yin and yang= balance

Taipei 101

now the 2nd tallest building in the world I believe

Markos tried to get us in the building by saying we were interviewing for a job—lol we straight got shut down by security LOLz

Where's the L-O-V-E....

Me and mom dukes favorite lotion just had to get a pic...yall don't know nothin about that Au Lait

Lungshan temple



Incense pit

Fulong Beach

Should have been called foolywang beach

me and cece

dead blowfish from the tsunami

Confuscious Temple and DaLong Dong Boa An Temple

say word...

run that again please--

getting inked up by his mom...true story

one last thing not Forever 21 but Forever 26??!!!??!?! thier prices were mad expensive too mmmmmmmhhhhhmmm I walked right out!


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