Theirs a new sheriff in town…

Ok I know the title is pretty lame but that’s how it feels…

So the school got a new Korean ‘english speaking’ co-teacher and I was really excited at first. On first arrival she could speak clear English and seemed to understand me quite well!!!! PERFECT I could breathe and feel like these next 6weeks were gonna go by smooth like nobodys buisiness…..well I’ll keep my reservations to myself because as my brother says “you always find something wrong Monique” so I am working on that.

I can’t say that I don’t miss Ji-young because I do, at first we were really really ROCKY(you might remember a post where I went off hehehe)–we argued, we disagreed, we laughed, she cried(not me), we had headaches together, stressed together, began to see eye to eye together. All in all she was the first person I ever learned how to be a co-worker with, a partner, a teammate I’ve never had that before– at any other jobs from my past and now shes moved onto to teach the 6th grade….

So I say all that to say I must pick myself up and make this work or else..I see some red-flags and I’m worried but I have to remember just because the new teacher is much older than me doesn’t mean I can not politely let her know when something is not right, or not working. She asks a lot of questions that eat up time but I have to breathe through it, and learn how to zone her out the way I have been able to zone out a lot of things that are said to me.

Ji-young and I


We went out in celebration of her arrival and as well the school got a new P.E. teacher-before him the teachers had to teach P.E. themselves…the trials and tribulations of starting when a school has recently opened (if you’re a native speaker teacher I advise you to runway if that is the case, dont do it!!) here are a few snaps of the night

Jinee(the new teacher) me, and Ji-young

I couldn’t help but imagine the going away dinner we will have when its time for me to leave…i’ve been preparing a speech because they do speeches–anyways till next time.


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