It really shouldnt be so complicated

Lately I have been slacking on my blog and the main reason is well…because I haven’t been inspired or compelled to write. I enjoy blogging I like writing but the work behind the scenes is more than most people would expect, it’s not as though I don’t have the time (actually as of lately I really haven’t had the time) but I wish this blogging thing could be more simplified there are so many steps just to upload pics then proofread then tag the subjects blah blah blah….at the end of the day I just want to relax and do nothing….even when I’m doing nothing I’m doing something—so with that being said I want to upload my Taiwan pictures but I just haven’t had the time to deal with WordPress’s crap.  Just to tell you a little secret I normally upload my pictures when I’m at school I USED to have time in the day on Tuesday to handle those kinds of things, but since I have been left by myself to teach the English classes I haven’t had time to do NOTHING!!!! I am always lesson planning so any time I do have on my hands, its spent getting other urgent things prepared.

Which brings me to my next topic first let me show you these pics


Do you know what those are and what it means????c’mon take a guess you can do it….

 Ok give up…. well those my friends are two boxes that will be shipped off to CALIFORNIA why is this a big deal you might ask?????WELL I’M OUTTA HERE IN 6WEEKS!!! COUNT’ EM UP 6WEEKS YIIIIIKKES!!! I am so elated too excited I can’t even tell you. Since I’ve gotten back from my trip everything has been centered around making sure I have a smooth transition outta here. The first thing on my mind was let me pack a couple of items because I was getting a lil stressed about luggage overages so Monday I have off, I decided I will take a taxi to the post office and mail these babies off…next I need to make a dash to a bank so that I can wire money to my travel agent because I have booked my flight for NOVEMBER the 16th shes definitely gotta get paid ASAP, then I need to skeedadle to my bank to wire some money home the currency exchange is mad low right now(I have been stalking the rates for the 3months now) and I have been holding onto this money till it was the right time to transfer it away,  then lastly I was gonna head to the store to return some leggings. My favorite leggings have officially been washed to smithereens and I wanted to replace them because their holding on by threads— long story short the ones I picked up were not the replacements why the hell am I even telling you this anyways everyday or every other day I clean up or throw away useless items so when the last few day roll around im not stuck trying to get rid of it at once.

Lastly I have been feeling like a hefer I feel like I have gained massive weight but in reality I really haven’t the reason I feel like a hefer is because I went from doing YOGA 3-4 times a week to 0 times a week and trust me I have tried to keep up on my own buts its not the same and I’ve never been one to be a solo workout kinda person my body was on its way to being stacked and in one year its not all lost just frustrating because I have a goal that I want my body to reach, oh and for those that are saying under your breath why didn’t you join a YOGA studio out here WELL been there tried that. All the studios instructors are Korean who have directions given in Korean and ?!?!?! not gonna work.  

Ok till next time supposedly I’m getting a new co-teacher so I hope shes decent and can jump right into the swing of things and begin lesson planning with me cuz im sick of doing 7 kinds of lesson plans all by my dammy.


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