Chuseok- pronounced: chew-sock

SO LATE but who cares still posting….i’ve been neglectful to my blog but for good reasons!!

This is the equivalent to american thanksgiving, it is a week long celebration(I wouldnt use the word celebration because koreans dont really let loose) so lets say commemorate. Traditionally the kids of parents are supposed to come home(if they are away or married) and eat eat eat eat. Its a week long so its a whole lot of eating in the meantime the city pretty much shuts down and it leaves the provinces looking much like a ghostown… it is with great pleasure to announce……..drum roll please

 I’m going to TAIWAN!!!!!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild) 

I leave saturday and I really, Really need a vacation. Yes I just got back from vacation a month and sum change ago but SO what!!!! come walk in my shoes and you would see it is well deserved….for the last 2weeks I have been battling severe allergies and when I say severe I mean migraines for 2weeks straight constantly, I feel like my head will explode any day NOW!

But back to the important info I will be in taiwan and I will be going with freinds this time around… I leave saturday but the other 2 will meet up with me on Sunday, and the third one will meet on tuesday(her booski is coming in town so they need some lovers time heheheh) I cant wait, I had these plans to go solo as usual but my school freaking changed my schedule so I couldnt afford to burn myself out. Once I return let the countdown begin because I will have 7weeks till I return to AMERICA!!!!

Asssaaaahhhhh(a lil korean)…….when I land I just might scream OBAMA’s name and break out into the national anthem hahahaha


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