Thailand- Act I

I may have mentioned that I was going to India in past post and trust me that was the plan until I got to the airport the morning of and found out I had missed my flight….I took the wrong bus which took 2hrs instead of 1. After I got to the airport I spoke with the head manager who told me that all the other flight were booked and that I would have to be put on the waiting list, she told me to check back in an hour and I did but to no avail there were no seats. I was told I could get a refund and that was that I went to sit down because the room was beginning to spin from my dreams being crushed about no vacation!!!(that and i’m frugal as hell and all I could think about was the money I thought I was gonna lose) I sat down and skyped my sister and I immediately needed some more clarification—I went back to the desk and the women secretely tells me a seat has opened up and she could get me on the flight my frown was no longer upside down and I was elated. they began checking me in and she’s looking through my passport then says ‘where is your visa stamp?’ I give her this puzzled look and my heart sinks like please tell me this is a joke. No joke, I needed a visa to enter India long story short I had to rush back home to cancel 3months worth of planning to re-plan in one day for Thailand! Talk about quick on your toes….I just thought of this as a MAJOR sign—it wasnt meant to be…. or it was the powers that be keeping me from harms way….. I dunno but here are the rest of the pics from the beginning of my trip hope you enjoyed these last few installments.

FYI—I believe I overall lost about $150—with cancellation fees and bookers fee, I didnt bother adding it all up because its money I will never get back!! I took it as a costly lessoned learned.


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