Thailand- Act II

Just a disclaimer most of the funny inside things that happened on this trip I will keep to myself I think its important for me to convey the moment rather than to give the play by play…Just know on this day some drama had ensued and I was so shocked at how well I handled myself. My sister has always described me as a chihuahua and I was more like a gold retriever hhahahah 

Woke up early this day and had nasty ass breakfast from the D&D never again next time I will opt for the spot next to D&D, skipped over to the travel agency to book my ticket for Krabi it was mad cheap like 600baht($18.75 US) including bus transfer and mini van to the hotel, booked my hotel and then headed out to see the famous temples… 

On my way I saw a girl making the flower wreaths  that are draped everywhere in Thailand, these flowers are offerings you make and I just had to snap a pic 



On my way to the temple I saw the sweetest little kids playing on the sidewalk…youth is so innocent 


So as I continued to walk I had some weird encounters the first was this man and he was trying to tell me how the temples were closed due to some special ceremonies taking place, he then proceeded to tell me to see another buddah which was conveniently near his friends shop that was selling some goods that were wait for it…..on sale!!! and I should hurry to go see –side eyeing this man all up and down—– he even gave me a had written map with directions on how to get there….hhmmmm ‘ok sir I will check it out’, he then says ‘really now you will go now,’ I said ‘No I want to go the the temples first and if I have time then maybe I will’, he then says ‘I told you the temples are closed for a special holiday’….mmmmhhhhmmmmm sure. Just FYI: be careful not to listen to locals, its all a hussle for them and they will do anything to get you to visit some shop for you to buy some goods so they can get a commission , stick to your guns and unless you read otherwise dont trust locals who approach you. The story might have been more believable had there not been foreigners coming from the temple who clearly visited there with no problems, I then told him bye and he says ‘no your going the wrong way’—‘no im not sir’ 

I then ran into these crazy locals they looked like street rats because they were surrounded by pigeons and they kept feeding them. One of the girls runs up to me and shoves a bag of pigeon food in my hands and tells me some gibeerish I look at her crazy like I dont want this nor do I want these nasty ol birds flocking near me, somehow her lil street gang cornered me and she began to force me to open the bag and drop pellets of food everywhere, I kept telling her no and she would refuse of course. Soon I had pigeons surrounding me and food pellots being shelled out by her, we went back and forth as I tried to give her the last bag, outta frustration because this was going on for like 8mins I threw the bag and walked off her BiG Boy cousin came outta no where and was like ‘now you pay’ I looked at them like I didnt even want this, I looked at the hoodrats and said ‘how much?’ they had the audacity to say 200baht I said “oh hell no, all you get is 10baht(31cents) and thats it, fuck that” “she then says “no 3 bags  you give me more money” I then said “How about I give you 10baht or I give you nothing at all, I didnt even want these stupid bags of vermit food”  I had to get rude because these hoodrats make a living off of cornering you and trying to swindle you out of your money I wasnt about to have that. Just think of your local bum coming up to your car and spraying it with watered down windex and wiping it down with his dirty socks and expecting $8— for something you never asked him to do, you would shoo him away right? Same thing here, dont be afraid to tell locals no and dip off. 

Ok now off to the temples and less crazyness 


dont quote me but I believe this is the king and queens manor

Saw these two cute school girls and had to take pics

had to let one wear the shade for S&G's




On my way there I saw these other school boys and had to take a pic I thought their uniforms were pimp!Check out the socks with the shoes 


Pretty much wandered around losing my mind in the attention to details while snapping hella pics 











I smell a DIY project for my future house




My offering 



no shoes on sacred grounds



Longest reclining buddha 



mother of pearl feet-details were crazy on this



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