Thailand- Act III


Since this trip was so last minute and unexpected(I will give you the run down in Act I) I let the Travel agent lady decide my fate as to which island I should travel to first. We came to an agreement on Krabi-Ao Nang and I cant even be mad actually i’m not mad at all! When I return to Thailand which I will— perhaps next year, Krabi will be in my top choices. Krabi was where I received all of my R&R its been a hectic last couple of months and sleep deprivation was the main root of all my evils not to mention I cant sleep on hard beds and my bed here in South Korea feels like a box spring (my mom even confirmed it when she came to visit) not a mattress. Can I tell you guys I had the sweetest dreams ever while in Thailand–im not disclosing any of them muuuuuaaaahhhhhhaaaahahahaha

In Krabi You will see by the pics I was in cruise control I didnt take many pictures mainly because one of my SD cards became full and the second one I brought was acting a fool so I said oh well mental memories are the best memories….

When I first got to Ao nang my hotel wasnt ready so I changed and went to the beach to chill out and do some writing, one of the thai ladies approached me about a massage and I told her I would gladly get one after I checked in…..I didnt get much writing done because I had just spent 11hours on a bus and I desperately wanted to take a shower—you would too if you experienced Thailands heat( I love it but 10hours and no shower yuuuck)


Checked in, took my shower and headed out to go get my massage, I told the lady I wanted the milk honey thai massage and she coerced me into getting a food scrub as well. I was very delighted with my two purchases which only cost 300baht( $9.37US) but the cream she used to soften my feet ended up leaving a scar on the top of my foot…it wasnt her fault or anything, actually the week before my clumsy self jabbed my foot on my bike pedestal it hurt like a muth…. but it didnt leave a mark but when that foot scrub dripped onto it somehow it created one and the only reason why im telling you about this is because I had to limp and elevate my leg the whole trip because it was so bad—it also didnt help that I spent excessive amounts of time in the waters which left no time for it to really scab up!!!

I met this Kah-yutey I talked with him for about an hour or so but he was shorter than me…..and younger— mmmmmmm naw! I took it back to the room and watched loads of unneccessary TV I havent seen English cable since I left so it was relaxing not having to download and wait… just turn on the tube and relax.

Well that was Krabi enjoy the pics

Longtail boats

He was so waisted but he was hella cool-- harmless most thais are-- harmless that is

he had lots of love to give

Have you ever seen sand made out of teeny tiny shells??? neither have I not til now..check it out

Now up close

Every time I walked past he would ask me if I need a taxi...I mean even if he saw me 5mins ago! gotta luv the hustle

for 2 weeks my mouth tasted real food!! I was in lust

Tuts tuts and scooters


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