Thailand-Act IIII

So I originally planned to complete my trip in Phuket-patong, but patong is so sleazy and trashy. I’m talking about its infested with pathetic old, fat, bald, white men who would never get laid by anyone in this world–so they swarm patong to pay for the hottest baddest chicks money can buy! I even saw young dudes toting around women that were definitely older then them…. No lie, even the Thais will tell you….. too bad I had to find out the hard way!!

So rewind before I found out the real deal I came to patong with bright eyes and great hopes upon first inspection it looked like a Miami/Vegas/New Orleans all wrapped in one, I just knew I was going tear it up. So I checked into my hotel and I was blown away I only paid $28 a night including breakfast for this spot and I felt like it should have been more check it out

I didnt want to use the towels they were so perfect!

 So I immediately made myself at home unpacking and putting things where they needed to go, I took a shower and got ready to have a night out on the town. Heres the scene

Ok those A go go bars are to be avoided, something told me they were no good but it was confirmed when I met these girls and they told me what they witnessed and I nearly lost my dinner from the night before, it’s so disgusting I can’t even say on my blog—but if you are a nasty freak who likes weird things to turn you on go ahead and go in there. As for me I went back to my hotel room after I ate because that’s all this nightlife had to offer or transgendered putting on shows.

So after my big let down of a night( I was really hoping for a young fresh and hip spot to kick it at but that wasnt happenin) I woke up with high hopes because I had heard about their pristine beaches

Plenty of activities for you to pay for– they had parasailing, banana boats, jet ski’s, speed boat rentals, you could even pay for your own cabana, aloe vera rub downs, and massages right on the beach. This is where I got my tan this place had some very strong sun rays I would try to lay out just to relax and I would have to get up and go into the water because I was dripping with sweat. So I pretty much spent all afternoon here, it was the one day I said forget it i’m not moving.

The next day however I had a plan I was going to go into town, I  needed to get out of the tourist traps that these places tend to set you up for so I decided to get up bright and early– eat some breakfast– head to the beach for an hour –then come back to the hotel to take a shower to go into town. I hopped the local bus which cost 25baht like 75cents

Very colorful

While on the bus these two girls hopped the bus and I just knew they were not tourist, I figured they were ESL teachers like myself but in Thailand so I asked them and they were just elated to tell me about their experiences, we ended up swapping stories and they even invited me go to their headquarters to talk to the supervisor about possibly teaching here. After talking to them I realized Thailand wouldn’t be the best fit for me it wouldn’t be progressive for me  they have no resources, no materials, no addendum it would be less pay and no possible way to save and since I have grad school coming up that would be counterproductive to what I’m trying to achieve the positive is it is fewer hours then what I put in and less responsibility. I didn’t meet the supervisor but I didn’t care because I knew Thailand wouldn’t be a good fit, they asked me to wait around but I told them I had plans to visit Phuket town and that I needed to leave before the last bus stopped running.

So for those that have never travelled abroad and you might one day never try to buy too much goods in the touristy areas usually the real fun and bargaining can happen in the city’s or towns near the tourist areas. They sell the same exact things but the prices can vary by dollars but hey when your cheap and frugal like me every dollar counts, plus I like to see natives in their habitats not the projected ones.

Here are some shots I took of Phuket town: now this I liked

Thais are devout buddhist

The school I passed

you better believe if I had more time I would have tried them out

While taking these pics I was in and out of shops just having the time of my life, I even found a thrift shop, I tell you I am a thrift shop queen it doesn’t matter where im at I always manage to find one and score hot finds! I barely made the bus due to my watch giving me the WRONG TIME! Phuket town was amazing wish I had more time, I barely got to see what they had to offer….


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