Thailand-The final cut

I am going to be working backwards to forward because its the first SD card I grabbed this morning so here we go these pics are from my last days in thailand. This was Phi Phi island, the island is most famed for a movie  that was taped here called “the beach” starring leonardo di caprio—they are so proud of that– it was actually quite nice. Interesting note: Phi Phi island was completely destroyed in the 2004 tsunami I was amazed how everything was built back to normal and you couldnt even tell any devastation had occured!

So as I was saying– phi phi island is where I pretty much ended my vacation, it was an unexpected last minute decision but one that was well worth it. When I got to the hotel I had no reservations no idea where I was going to be staying and I think the next time I do an adventure/backpacking escapade I wont book hotels in advance it can be drama. Anyway I met this cool thai dude he had hustled me into this nice hotel right on the beach and when I checked in I was greeted by some felines

aww she just had babies!

I’m not really a cat lover– but mama and babies were super freindly and loving so I made sure to give them lots of TLC, water and food.

Then I marveled at the digs

I was living it up when I got posh digs so this one was no different, not all of my stay was this nice though.

Then the next morning I took an early morning stroll and towards the end of my walk I saw a sign for a tour all I could see was Cliff Jumping and thats all I needed to read. My whole trip was perfect but it was missing something, something death defying, crazy, whacky, spontaneous and this was it!!! she told me about the trip and it included cliff jumping, Monkey beach, snorkeling(gear included), visits to the viking cave(under construction im sure due to the tsunami), maya beach(where they filmed most of the beach) possible shark sightings(not the killer ones) whisky and sunset views. All for 600baht which is equivalent to $18.75 MAD CHEAP RIGHT!!

The trip was supposed to be from 2:30-6:30 but we didnt get back till 7:30 alllllriiiiiigght

First stop Monkey beach: this was a treat this was too much!

out of the clear blue sky two monkeys at the same time rolled up on me my first intial reaction ‘SCREAMS’ then I was like they should be harmless right?!?

Right! They rolled up on me because I was the only caramel complected one there— hehehe thats what I told myself because none of the monkeys touched anyone else, or maybe it was my scent who knows?!?!?  but two came up to me, one actually grabbed onto my leg so I just stood there and then I was like idiot take pics, upon further inspection the monkey began to grab my ankle bracelet he was tryna rob me!!!! he kept grabbing for my bracelet…. 

look at his little nimble hands awww

After he or she realized the bracelet wasnt coming loose he gave me this look like “Bitch give me my bracelet, or else its about to get ugly”

Totally mad at the fact that somebody littered and this monkey was ferociously trying to eat a plastic bag..

This one didnt mind the sand all up in the watermelon

almost got attacked for taking this pic

This is just to give you an idea of  how little these guys really are

Next was Cliff Jumping!!! OMG i’m not ready I need more time to mentally prepare I mean wait……so off the young thai boy went to show us where to jump, I kept asking him “can you give a demonstration, is there a video maybe to watch” lol mmmm naw we did this straight hood style he pointed where to stand, you stood there, then he tell you to  jump and hurry–hahah

had to wear shoes and gloves to protect from the sharp edges of the coral and rocks

He said hurry not to be pushy or bossy but im sure he understands the longer you stand there the longer your not going to jump so the first jump was 8ft, the second jump was 10ft and the last jump was 20ft guess who didnt do 20 ft ME! I did all but 20ft and after jumping 8ft it felt like death, after jumping 10ft it felt like death plus the devil playing patty cake on my chest. I was sure my grave would have been in those waters had I done 20.

I mean this was completely illegal anywhere else, there was no supervision, you had to do some rock climbing to even get to the jump location(yea that weight lifting came in handy),  no one waiting in the water just in case you pass out from impact, I mean technically if you were a horrible jumper(which im not) you could have accidently hit the coral reef and im sure that would have been deadly and not a pretty site. I screamed like a punk both times and I was VERY worried I would lose my bathing suit bottoms–I remembered saying that when I was climbing behind the french guys and the french hottie was like in his accent “Thats ok!” I couldnt help but laugh then I said “yea great for you bad for me”

Sorry guys no pics of my jumping I tried to get the girl to do it but it was so rushed I had no time to get the camera outta my bag so all I have is a pic after we jumped!

It was amazing, completely liberating, and freeing! I left my heart and soul out there somewhere in those waters and came back a new women. If we look a bit shaken its because we WERE! FYI: I indured a slight injury to my chest, the first jump I jumped like a pencil the second jump I jumped with my arms crossed WRONG! big mistake what ended up happening is the impact shot right through me up until my arms which was by my chest letting all the pressure from the jump into my chest. The result– I had the wind knocked outta me kinda feeling like I had just cracked my chest long story short by the end of the night I could barely move.. barely breath.. I had to prop my chest on a pillow so that it prevented too much pressure but I still went to bed cheesing I didnt care—I said a short prayer that I would be lucky enough to wake up another day and I did.

Next was viking cave we didnt actually get to go in but something tells me that will change once they finish the construction, my guess was that the tsuanmi ruined the infastructure and now they’re in works of repairing it so that its stable and safe enough to pass through once again..

Then we went to this remote location that was surrounded by huge bluffs and cliffs in the center was this water that was just so freaking blue it was so surreal…one of the guys jump in screaming “this is life” I couldnt help but agree

Pretty much had this permenant cheese on my face the whole trip

We went snorkeling after this but saw no Sharks! Then to end the trip we went to Maya beach where they shot the movie for “the beach” it was nice

Taking pics of my fine frenchie friend mmmmmmm

To end the trip breathtaking images of a wonderful sunset that couldnt be more perfect.

All I can say is check out the hair...i mean OOC! loving the naturalness

This is what puerto rican burnt looks like. Mission accomplished

My spanish amigos they were hella cool

jaime, sandra, bf, roberto...spanish names for real! gotta luv it

peace phi phi i had a blast! I will be back again no doubt


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