Thailand- Act I

I may have mentioned that I was going to India in past post and trust me that was the plan until I got to the airport the morning of and found out I had missed my flight….I took the wrong bus which took 2hrs instead of 1. After I got to the airport I spoke with the head manager who told me that all the other flight were booked and that I would have to be put on the waiting list, she told me to check back in an hour and I did but to no avail there were no seats. I was told I could get a refund and that was that I went to sit down because the room was beginning to spin from my dreams being crushed about no vacation!!!(that and i’m frugal as hell and all I could think about was the money I thought I was gonna lose) I sat down and skyped my sister and I immediately needed some more clarification—I went back to the desk and the women secretely tells me a seat has opened up and she could get me on the flight my frown was no longer upside down and I was elated. they began checking me in and she’s looking through my passport then says ‘where is your visa stamp?’ I give her this puzzled look and my heart sinks like please tell me this is a joke. No joke, I needed a visa to enter India long story short I had to rush back home to cancel 3months worth of planning to re-plan in one day for Thailand! Talk about quick on your toes….I just thought of this as a MAJOR sign—it wasnt meant to be…. or it was the powers that be keeping me from harms way….. I dunno but here are the rest of the pics from the beginning of my trip hope you enjoyed these last few installments.

FYI—I believe I overall lost about $150—with cancellation fees and bookers fee, I didnt bother adding it all up because its money I will never get back!! I took it as a costly lessoned learned.



So thank god I met some thailand novices at the baggage claim because I sure was about to wing it…I didnt have time to plan my trip so I said f-it someone along the way shall guide me I wont sweat the small details and look it turned out wonderful…

                           Welcome drink


Checked into my hotel at I style and I was in heaven—

First time I ever used the mini bar–it was mad cheap!


 So on the second day Shelley convinced me to head to Koh San road where all the backpackers collide and the all cool thai’s  sell their goods. I cancelled my posh hotel reservations I told them some story about how I was leaving Bangkok sooner then I thought(which was not a lie) they fully reimbursed me which was awesome and we took a cab to head over to Koh san road.

I had to snap a couple of pics from the rooftop before I left


                                Shelley and I


                                   Alex and Shelley

Thailand- Act II

Just a disclaimer most of the funny inside things that happened on this trip I will keep to myself I think its important for me to convey the moment rather than to give the play by play…Just know on this day some drama had ensued and I was so shocked at how well I handled myself. My sister has always described me as a chihuahua and I was more like a gold retriever hhahahah 

Woke up early this day and had nasty ass breakfast from the D&D never again next time I will opt for the spot next to D&D, skipped over to the travel agency to book my ticket for Krabi it was mad cheap like 600baht($18.75 US) including bus transfer and mini van to the hotel, booked my hotel and then headed out to see the famous temples… 

On my way I saw a girl making the flower wreaths  that are draped everywhere in Thailand, these flowers are offerings you make and I just had to snap a pic 



On my way to the temple I saw the sweetest little kids playing on the sidewalk…youth is so innocent 


So as I continued to walk I had some weird encounters the first was this man and he was trying to tell me how the temples were closed due to some special ceremonies taking place, he then proceeded to tell me to see another buddah which was conveniently near his friends shop that was selling some goods that were wait for it…..on sale!!! and I should hurry to go see –side eyeing this man all up and down—– he even gave me a had written map with directions on how to get there….hhmmmm ‘ok sir I will check it out’, he then says ‘really now you will go now,’ I said ‘No I want to go the the temples first and if I have time then maybe I will’, he then says ‘I told you the temples are closed for a special holiday’….mmmmhhhhmmmmm sure. Just FYI: be careful not to listen to locals, its all a hussle for them and they will do anything to get you to visit some shop for you to buy some goods so they can get a commission , stick to your guns and unless you read otherwise dont trust locals who approach you. The story might have been more believable had there not been foreigners coming from the temple who clearly visited there with no problems, I then told him bye and he says ‘no your going the wrong way’—‘no im not sir’ 

I then ran into these crazy locals they looked like street rats because they were surrounded by pigeons and they kept feeding them. One of the girls runs up to me and shoves a bag of pigeon food in my hands and tells me some gibeerish I look at her crazy like I dont want this nor do I want these nasty ol birds flocking near me, somehow her lil street gang cornered me and she began to force me to open the bag and drop pellets of food everywhere, I kept telling her no and she would refuse of course. Soon I had pigeons surrounding me and food pellots being shelled out by her, we went back and forth as I tried to give her the last bag, outta frustration because this was going on for like 8mins I threw the bag and walked off her BiG Boy cousin came outta no where and was like ‘now you pay’ I looked at them like I didnt even want this, I looked at the hoodrats and said ‘how much?’ they had the audacity to say 200baht I said “oh hell no, all you get is 10baht(31cents) and thats it, fuck that” “she then says “no 3 bags  you give me more money” I then said “How about I give you 10baht or I give you nothing at all, I didnt even want these stupid bags of vermit food”  I had to get rude because these hoodrats make a living off of cornering you and trying to swindle you out of your money I wasnt about to have that. Just think of your local bum coming up to your car and spraying it with watered down windex and wiping it down with his dirty socks and expecting $8— for something you never asked him to do, you would shoo him away right? Same thing here, dont be afraid to tell locals no and dip off. 

Ok now off to the temples and less crazyness 


dont quote me but I believe this is the king and queens manor

Saw these two cute school girls and had to take pics

had to let one wear the shade for S&G's




On my way there I saw these other school boys and had to take a pic I thought their uniforms were pimp!Check out the socks with the shoes 


Pretty much wandered around losing my mind in the attention to details while snapping hella pics 











I smell a DIY project for my future house




My offering 



no shoes on sacred grounds



Longest reclining buddha 



mother of pearl feet-details were crazy on this


Thailand- Act III


Since this trip was so last minute and unexpected(I will give you the run down in Act I) I let the Travel agent lady decide my fate as to which island I should travel to first. We came to an agreement on Krabi-Ao Nang and I cant even be mad actually i’m not mad at all! When I return to Thailand which I will— perhaps next year, Krabi will be in my top choices. Krabi was where I received all of my R&R its been a hectic last couple of months and sleep deprivation was the main root of all my evils not to mention I cant sleep on hard beds and my bed here in South Korea feels like a box spring (my mom even confirmed it when she came to visit) not a mattress. Can I tell you guys I had the sweetest dreams ever while in Thailand–im not disclosing any of them muuuuuaaaahhhhhhaaaahahahaha

In Krabi You will see by the pics I was in cruise control I didnt take many pictures mainly because one of my SD cards became full and the second one I brought was acting a fool so I said oh well mental memories are the best memories….

When I first got to Ao nang my hotel wasnt ready so I changed and went to the beach to chill out and do some writing, one of the thai ladies approached me about a massage and I told her I would gladly get one after I checked in…..I didnt get much writing done because I had just spent 11hours on a bus and I desperately wanted to take a shower—you would too if you experienced Thailands heat( I love it but 10hours and no shower yuuuck)


Checked in, took my shower and headed out to go get my massage, I told the lady I wanted the milk honey thai massage and she coerced me into getting a food scrub as well. I was very delighted with my two purchases which only cost 300baht( $9.37US) but the cream she used to soften my feet ended up leaving a scar on the top of my foot…it wasnt her fault or anything, actually the week before my clumsy self jabbed my foot on my bike pedestal it hurt like a muth…. but it didnt leave a mark but when that foot scrub dripped onto it somehow it created one and the only reason why im telling you about this is because I had to limp and elevate my leg the whole trip because it was so bad—it also didnt help that I spent excessive amounts of time in the waters which left no time for it to really scab up!!!

I met this Kah-yutey I talked with him for about an hour or so but he was shorter than me…..and younger— mmmmmmm naw! I took it back to the room and watched loads of unneccessary TV I havent seen English cable since I left so it was relaxing not having to download and wait… just turn on the tube and relax.

Well that was Krabi enjoy the pics

Longtail boats

He was so waisted but he was hella cool-- harmless most thais are-- harmless that is

he had lots of love to give

Have you ever seen sand made out of teeny tiny shells??? neither have I not til now..check it out

Now up close

Every time I walked past he would ask me if I need a taxi...I mean even if he saw me 5mins ago! gotta luv the hustle

for 2 weeks my mouth tasted real food!! I was in lust

Tuts tuts and scooters


On my way to Phuket took a speed boat 

All I kept thinking about is man this is what Jay-z and Beyonce must feel like when they go on yachts every summer in Italy…..ahhhhhhh this is an amazing life (Yes I know I wasnt on a yacht but I was just imagining)

I met some really nice people

Celia and I she was also from spain and was a criminal lawyer! go chica

Cant remember his name but he is from italy and his friend was a hottie and I kept flirting with him--to bad he spoke no english

What the scenes looked like on our way there

Thailand-Act IIII

So I originally planned to complete my trip in Phuket-patong, but patong is so sleazy and trashy. I’m talking about its infested with pathetic old, fat, bald, white men who would never get laid by anyone in this world–so they swarm patong to pay for the hottest baddest chicks money can buy! I even saw young dudes toting around women that were definitely older then them…. No lie, even the Thais will tell you….. too bad I had to find out the hard way!!

So rewind before I found out the real deal I came to patong with bright eyes and great hopes upon first inspection it looked like a Miami/Vegas/New Orleans all wrapped in one, I just knew I was going tear it up. So I checked into my hotel and I was blown away I only paid $28 a night including breakfast for this spot and I felt like it should have been more check it out

I didnt want to use the towels they were so perfect!

 So I immediately made myself at home unpacking and putting things where they needed to go, I took a shower and got ready to have a night out on the town. Heres the scene

Ok those A go go bars are to be avoided, something told me they were no good but it was confirmed when I met these girls and they told me what they witnessed and I nearly lost my dinner from the night before, it’s so disgusting I can’t even say on my blog—but if you are a nasty freak who likes weird things to turn you on go ahead and go in there. As for me I went back to my hotel room after I ate because that’s all this nightlife had to offer or transgendered putting on shows.

So after my big let down of a night( I was really hoping for a young fresh and hip spot to kick it at but that wasnt happenin) I woke up with high hopes because I had heard about their pristine beaches

Plenty of activities for you to pay for– they had parasailing, banana boats, jet ski’s, speed boat rentals, you could even pay for your own cabana, aloe vera rub downs, and massages right on the beach. This is where I got my tan this place had some very strong sun rays I would try to lay out just to relax and I would have to get up and go into the water because I was dripping with sweat. So I pretty much spent all afternoon here, it was the one day I said forget it i’m not moving.

The next day however I had a plan I was going to go into town, I  needed to get out of the tourist traps that these places tend to set you up for so I decided to get up bright and early– eat some breakfast– head to the beach for an hour –then come back to the hotel to take a shower to go into town. I hopped the local bus which cost 25baht like 75cents

Very colorful

While on the bus these two girls hopped the bus and I just knew they were not tourist, I figured they were ESL teachers like myself but in Thailand so I asked them and they were just elated to tell me about their experiences, we ended up swapping stories and they even invited me go to their headquarters to talk to the supervisor about possibly teaching here. After talking to them I realized Thailand wouldn’t be the best fit for me it wouldn’t be progressive for me  they have no resources, no materials, no addendum it would be less pay and no possible way to save and since I have grad school coming up that would be counterproductive to what I’m trying to achieve the positive is it is fewer hours then what I put in and less responsibility. I didn’t meet the supervisor but I didn’t care because I knew Thailand wouldn’t be a good fit, they asked me to wait around but I told them I had plans to visit Phuket town and that I needed to leave before the last bus stopped running.

So for those that have never travelled abroad and you might one day never try to buy too much goods in the touristy areas usually the real fun and bargaining can happen in the city’s or towns near the tourist areas. They sell the same exact things but the prices can vary by dollars but hey when your cheap and frugal like me every dollar counts, plus I like to see natives in their habitats not the projected ones.

Here are some shots I took of Phuket town: now this I liked

Thais are devout buddhist

The school I passed

you better believe if I had more time I would have tried them out

While taking these pics I was in and out of shops just having the time of my life, I even found a thrift shop, I tell you I am a thrift shop queen it doesn’t matter where im at I always manage to find one and score hot finds! I barely made the bus due to my watch giving me the WRONG TIME! Phuket town was amazing wish I had more time, I barely got to see what they had to offer….

Thailand-The final cut

I am going to be working backwards to forward because its the first SD card I grabbed this morning so here we go these pics are from my last days in thailand. This was Phi Phi island, the island is most famed for a movie  that was taped here called “the beach” starring leonardo di caprio—they are so proud of that– it was actually quite nice. Interesting note: Phi Phi island was completely destroyed in the 2004 tsunami I was amazed how everything was built back to normal and you couldnt even tell any devastation had occured!

So as I was saying– phi phi island is where I pretty much ended my vacation, it was an unexpected last minute decision but one that was well worth it. When I got to the hotel I had no reservations no idea where I was going to be staying and I think the next time I do an adventure/backpacking escapade I wont book hotels in advance it can be drama. Anyway I met this cool thai dude he had hustled me into this nice hotel right on the beach and when I checked in I was greeted by some felines

aww she just had babies!

I’m not really a cat lover– but mama and babies were super freindly and loving so I made sure to give them lots of TLC, water and food.

Then I marveled at the digs

I was living it up when I got posh digs so this one was no different, not all of my stay was this nice though.

Then the next morning I took an early morning stroll and towards the end of my walk I saw a sign for a tour all I could see was Cliff Jumping and thats all I needed to read. My whole trip was perfect but it was missing something, something death defying, crazy, whacky, spontaneous and this was it!!! she told me about the trip and it included cliff jumping, Monkey beach, snorkeling(gear included), visits to the viking cave(under construction im sure due to the tsunami), maya beach(where they filmed most of the beach) possible shark sightings(not the killer ones) whisky and sunset views. All for 600baht which is equivalent to $18.75 MAD CHEAP RIGHT!!

The trip was supposed to be from 2:30-6:30 but we didnt get back till 7:30 alllllriiiiiigght

First stop Monkey beach: this was a treat this was too much!

out of the clear blue sky two monkeys at the same time rolled up on me my first intial reaction ‘SCREAMS’ then I was like they should be harmless right?!?

Right! They rolled up on me because I was the only caramel complected one there— hehehe thats what I told myself because none of the monkeys touched anyone else, or maybe it was my scent who knows?!?!?  but two came up to me, one actually grabbed onto my leg so I just stood there and then I was like idiot take pics, upon further inspection the monkey began to grab my ankle bracelet he was tryna rob me!!!! he kept grabbing for my bracelet…. 

look at his little nimble hands awww

After he or she realized the bracelet wasnt coming loose he gave me this look like “Bitch give me my bracelet, or else its about to get ugly”

Totally mad at the fact that somebody littered and this monkey was ferociously trying to eat a plastic bag..

This one didnt mind the sand all up in the watermelon

almost got attacked for taking this pic

This is just to give you an idea of  how little these guys really are

Next was Cliff Jumping!!! OMG i’m not ready I need more time to mentally prepare I mean wait……so off the young thai boy went to show us where to jump, I kept asking him “can you give a demonstration, is there a video maybe to watch” lol mmmm naw we did this straight hood style he pointed where to stand, you stood there, then he tell you to  jump and hurry–hahah

had to wear shoes and gloves to protect from the sharp edges of the coral and rocks

He said hurry not to be pushy or bossy but im sure he understands the longer you stand there the longer your not going to jump so the first jump was 8ft, the second jump was 10ft and the last jump was 20ft guess who didnt do 20 ft ME! I did all but 20ft and after jumping 8ft it felt like death, after jumping 10ft it felt like death plus the devil playing patty cake on my chest. I was sure my grave would have been in those waters had I done 20.

I mean this was completely illegal anywhere else, there was no supervision, you had to do some rock climbing to even get to the jump location(yea that weight lifting came in handy),  no one waiting in the water just in case you pass out from impact, I mean technically if you were a horrible jumper(which im not) you could have accidently hit the coral reef and im sure that would have been deadly and not a pretty site. I screamed like a punk both times and I was VERY worried I would lose my bathing suit bottoms–I remembered saying that when I was climbing behind the french guys and the french hottie was like in his accent “Thats ok!” I couldnt help but laugh then I said “yea great for you bad for me”

Sorry guys no pics of my jumping I tried to get the girl to do it but it was so rushed I had no time to get the camera outta my bag so all I have is a pic after we jumped!

It was amazing, completely liberating, and freeing! I left my heart and soul out there somewhere in those waters and came back a new women. If we look a bit shaken its because we WERE! FYI: I indured a slight injury to my chest, the first jump I jumped like a pencil the second jump I jumped with my arms crossed WRONG! big mistake what ended up happening is the impact shot right through me up until my arms which was by my chest letting all the pressure from the jump into my chest. The result– I had the wind knocked outta me kinda feeling like I had just cracked my chest long story short by the end of the night I could barely move.. barely breath.. I had to prop my chest on a pillow so that it prevented too much pressure but I still went to bed cheesing I didnt care—I said a short prayer that I would be lucky enough to wake up another day and I did.

Next was viking cave we didnt actually get to go in but something tells me that will change once they finish the construction, my guess was that the tsuanmi ruined the infastructure and now they’re in works of repairing it so that its stable and safe enough to pass through once again..

Then we went to this remote location that was surrounded by huge bluffs and cliffs in the center was this water that was just so freaking blue it was so surreal…one of the guys jump in screaming “this is life” I couldnt help but agree

Pretty much had this permenant cheese on my face the whole trip

We went snorkeling after this but saw no Sharks! Then to end the trip we went to Maya beach where they shot the movie for “the beach” it was nice

Taking pics of my fine frenchie friend mmmmmmm

To end the trip breathtaking images of a wonderful sunset that couldnt be more perfect.

All I can say is check out the hair...i mean OOC! loving the naturalness

This is what puerto rican burnt looks like. Mission accomplished

My spanish amigos they were hella cool

jaime, sandra, bf, roberto...spanish names for real! gotta luv it

peace phi phi i had a blast! I will be back again no doubt

I’ve been getting puerto rican burnt

My apologies for leaving the blog high and dry I have been on vacation and damn it felt so good!!! I had full intentions on blogging my journeys but surprise surprise internet was never free–they charged by the minute and I was not having that, if you see how I write then you know my bill would have been ridiculous. So without further ado I will be catching up all day today… lucky YOU!!!! 

I would also like to take the time to thank my readers, there are days where I feel like no one but my sister and few of my friends read the blog– not that it’s about how many people look at it, but when I read the comments it’s at that moment when it hits me like ok I’ll do it for the people who are genuinely enjoying the things I have to say(which is always something). SO THANK YOU! 

Now here’s a taste of my heaven… 

Dont let those clouds fool you it was perfect weather