Sunday blues

I really didnt have the blues it was one of the best sundays I’ve had since I moved here one of my Korean friends Si Nae came to Ansan to visit me! I was so excited because anytime I want to see people I usually have to travel about an hour and sum change….total bummer because there are so many things in Ansan I want to discover but it requires you to have a partner in crime…so whats the blues…well I suck as a photographer I mean I know I have an eye for pictures I just need to take a class to help with my skills particularly using the different shutter speeds and re-learning the exposure times to the light…aahhhhh I once was a pro but I’m rusty and she just proved it…

Well there are two things I like– I like taking pictures and I like people taking my picture so she was loving it!!! check some of the pics out

Signing up for photography classes as soon as I get back home!!!

me and Si Nae


One thought on “Sunday blues

  1. hi there! i like your blog! it gave me a different perspective of korea. i mean like being a foreigner and all in this peninsula. i practically read almost all posts. stalking much!!! haha! sorry, but i got entertained. i think, we’ll be good friends if we know each other! hahaha! i’m new here but i live down south and i am just checking out blogs about korea. keep it up!

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