Can you pay my bills…

So No I dont have pictures of money to flash like some loser guys tend to do on Facebook and myspace….

I instead wanted to show you what the money looks like and the lack there of for their currency bills. For one thing their money is called ‘Won’ and they come in 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 increments. They just recently started producing the 50,000 won which is a hassle because 1. you can only withdrawal five of them a day and 2. I hate walking around with cash let alone small bills rolled up in my pocket like I got drug money.

I usually just use my debit card to prevent anything from getting lost or misplaced–oh yea your allowed to have  printed checks in 100,000won increments but i’m not sure how it works no one has been able to explain the process to me… for now I have a whole bunch printed and stashed away in my a/c vent hahaha I dont trust the banks not here not in America!

So the bills that I pay on a continuous basis is as follows:

Electricity which equals about: 15,540 won a month ($14 US) in the winter it was like 80,000owon a month($76 US) heated floors

Gas which equal about: 4,500($4US)

Transportation which equals about: 70,000won a month give or take it depends on if I travel around A LOT during the weekends and such($68US)

Cell phone which equals about: 18,000won a month($17US) I dont talk on the phone a lot, text perhaps

Thats it!!! Those are all my bills I didnt add food because it fluctuates too much some months I eat out a lot some months I cook. Two time out of the week I eat with my Korean family sooooo that helps too food is relatively expensive in my opinion to cook at home but to eat out is cheaper–western style restaurants can be expensive.

This is quite unusual but my school pays my water and maintenance fees–these fees should usually be my responsibility but I’m not complaining don’t really know how I lucked up either! My co-teacher has mentioned to me twice that I have to start paying 20,000won for the maintenance fees but they have yet to take the money from me….and guess who’s not reminding them either…hehhehehe

So what do I spend most of my earning on….well shopping of course!!!(yes I save as well hence the stashing of monies) I have an addiction to clothes and hair accessories— lately I’ve slowed down on all that as I’m preparing for my moms arrival and then I will be leaving for India there after…oh yea it’s definitely going down in India!!


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