Baila y Baila

Its safe to say I should stick with reggae, hip hop and rock music because i’m NO salsa dancer. Pam and I decided to hit up the spanish club and get our baila y baila on. Pam is colombian so she likes to shake it out every now and again, i’m always down for whatever and since I was feeling extra froggy I leaped for it(hahaha).  sidebar: i’m now into spanish guys for some reason actually it has a lot to do with Adam Rodriguez you know that SEXY Puerto rican/cuban(hay Caliente) he is on CSI:Miami, did a couple of movies, recently did a photo shoot with Janet Jackson in the upcoming essence magazine…ok enough of my drooling!

Met a friend Erik and he is from Mazatlan, Mexico. He made sure I remembered that, he tried to give me lessons but told me hes not much of a teacher and he was right! He would give up on me after 1minute of teaching me the dance move—-I was like WTH  “no me gusta bailes” he would crack up laughing he spoke very little english and I speak very little spanish….I used to be fluent but lost it. I would love to pick back up on it and I will need to because he invited me to come visit him in Mazatlan and I sure do wanna take him up on his offer. I’m turning into a travel junkie and I might as well I’m 25, I have no kids, I have no bills, I have no apt/house and I have no man!!


We went to another club and I ran into another spanish dude that I was kinda diggin on…he’s from LA and he’s a skater–you know I love me some sk8ters too!! Please lord keep them coming thats all I ask.


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