Eclicpse…Just what I needed to wake me up.

Friday while at school I was skyping my friend and she invited me out to join her to watch the third installment of twilight Eclipse…mind you I have never been into these vampire/wolf series of shows nor do I keep up with the characters.

So to my suprise the week before I went to get my hair cut (I finally got my hair cut…well evened out since post BC at the barber shop and let me tell you im loving the TWA even more) anyways the owner of the shop had the 2nd installment of the movie playing and I practically watched the whole thing so I said mmmmm well it wasnt as corny as I thought it would be sooo what the heck why not. I was having loveley thoughts about Jacob…if you watch the movie you know what im talking about! So I said to myself well if the movie sucks at least Jacob can satisfy my eye candy urges(eye candy is so NOT poppin out here *deep exhale*)

We ended up at coex mall a huge mall in the heart of Seoul this mall is so HUGE I been here 4times and still find new stores

I have turned into a hair accesory junkie since living here

jackie chans restuarant

We purchased our tickets right away but  we still ended up having to get front row seats because Koreans are what I like to call ‘movie stalkers’: they see any movie it doesnt matter what it is, they love the movies!

Thats Jane in front she was my muse for the day

 One thing that is strange about Korean movie theaters is that its arranged seating, so you must pick your seat while your purchasing the ticket. As you can see here in the picture we were deciding where we should sit out of the crappy seats that were still available, thats the one thing I hate about the movies here.

He tried to avoid me I told him I was going to take a picture

We then went to Kraze burger which was a grade A restuarant I miss the lettering system from back home so anytime I see one of these I immediately walk in just because I know its clean.

I had to order the chili cheese hamburger, oh how I miss my chili cheese foods mmmmmmmmm

Then off to the movies we went, we sat front row which wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, I nearly had a stroke when Jacob made his debut. I hopped outta my seat and held my heart….Jane was like are you frantic much!!!! The guy that was sitting next to me kept staring at me because I would blurt out “lawd have mercy” everytime he appeared with his shirt off.

That movie was just what I needed to wake my senses up, I have been in a daze this last month just continuosly counting the days till summer vacation–hence the lack of posts. Sometimes I find it easier to just zone out and turn zombie, I’ve never been able to do this in my life as a matter of fact I wish I was able to learn this technique for my last job. Its quite scary being able to just block out more then 8hours of my day to day life, but living in another country in 90% seclusion does something to the mind I cant even put in words.

Well you dont have to worry about that affecting me because I had one of those weekends where I tapped into my extremist modes and went for whatever was on the agenda…..lost my cell phone in the process and I didnt even care!!!

and so the crazyness begins


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