Discipline at school

one of the kids kicked out of the classroom and in trouble with his hands in the air.

If you have strong feelings about kids being disciplined i.e. spankings, slapped, knocked on the head etc. Please do yourself a favor and skip over this post! I have been meaning to write about this particular subject since I arrived but it wasnt until today that I finally decided to go ahead and speak on it. What happened today that prompted this sudden urge you may ask????

Well today I went to the teacher’s office to make some photocopies for my illegal work on the side hehehehe(I’ll get into that during another post) when I walked in 8 kids were being brutally scorned and yelled at by the two male 6th grade teachers and the superintendent was there to observe and chime in when he felt the need to do so. Upon first inspection I thought they were caught for cheating as this week is finals– LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!! CAN YOU HEAR THE EXCITEMENT IN MY VOICE!!!!!! HIP HIP HORRAY…CHEERS. …POP BOTTLES ok back to the story. I walk in and immediately feel the tension in the air, I look over on the couch and who do I see but the eight boys that are always causing mayhem around school. The teachers were cussing them a new one I could just tell, some of them were crying and I just wanted to sit and stare but I didn’t.

I went onto photocopying my work when out of no where the superintendent flys over to one of the kids and starts hitting him WOAHH did the superintendent just get gangsta with one of the kids. Then he started hitting them all…..dang….wheres the popcorn am thinking!!!! I kept peering over trying to figure out what the heck happened, they kept taking turns yelling and hitting….did I feel bad hell NO!!! Before you start judging (if any of you are out there judging) know that the superintendent rarely disciplines the kids, he usually never gets involved unless its something MAJOR. As a matter of fact the principle and VP never discipline the kids strange I know considering I was infamous for being called into the VP office during my middle school days, and then later the principles office when I was really misbehaving hahahaha.

So I left the office in search of Ji-yeong my co-teacher, I just had to know what was happening. 5mins later she walks into our office and I instantly start gossiping to her about what I just saw and she gives me her sour puss face “I know Monique its a terrible thing that happened” so I blurt out “did they get in trouble for cheating on the tests” and she goes “cheating” “really”  “uhhhh ji-yeong they didn’t cheat then what happened” after 10mins of  horrible english and me having to re-explain myself she finally broke down and told me “Monique those eight boys are in trouble because they attacked one kid” “attacked what do you mean like they jumped a kid, beat him up” “beat up? what’s beat up” “like they each hurt this one kid” “yes, yes” “WHAT, who did they beat up is he bruised is he in the hospital or something” “those kids beat him up and told him to take his socks off and told him to smell them and said other things, so the boys parents called the school, and so their in BIG trouble, and Monique they taped it with their cell phone so now I have to go to 6th grade teachers office to go watch the video, it’s very bad thing” ” What!!! I want to see the video too, their not going to let me watch the video are they?” “ummm I havent seen the video yet so I dunno, but last month they stole a bike from a kid so their in a lot of trouble because they keep getting into trouble” ” OOhhhh ok, so who got beat up” ” uggghhhh I dunno yet so I will watch a video and talk with teacher about that, so see you later Monique bye, aahhhhh awful thing i’m really upset agggghhhhhh this isnt good” “Ji-yeong its ok its not a big deal their kids they do stuff like this their boys” “mmmmmmmmhhhhh aggghhhhh, see you”

She was being a bit dramatic as usual but whatevs, I mean really the kids are cooped up in school for practically 8hours a day and like 15-20mins to play for lunch it should be expected that once the heat came they would get into a bit of mischief, but im mad they taped it what the hell were they thinking. Anyways back to the discipline there are many ways they/we discipline the kids. In Korea they knock them on the head, slap their backs, make them stand all class period, humiliate them during the middle of class, make them stand up against the wall with their hands in the air, in the yoga world we call it downward facing dog, make them hold two books in each hand and crouch, slap them with a wooden stick, pinch their cheeks really hard, and one time I even seen one of the teachers pick the kid up by his shoulders and slam him up against the wall-that one caught me off guard but the kid she man handled he’s a handful so I knew it wasnt out of the ordinary….these practices are quite accepted at school and is even encouraged by parents you must understand teachers are held in high esteem in Korean culture so when you disobey the teacher it is intolerable.

I myself have disciplined some of the kids in a less aggressive approach afterall these are not my own kids, so my go to choices are the cheeks and the muscles in between your shoulders–they hate that. My objective is to not hurt them but to send them a message that you’re not going to get over on me, don’t try me!!!!


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