You cant survive unless you have foreigner friends.



This past friday a friend of mine invited a few of us over to have dinner at her place, I was all in especially since I wouldn’t have to take a train to her spot. I am so over travelling the train right now– I live soooo far from everything it takes no less than an hour or more for me to get anywhere!!! 

Thuy who I met awhile back  is so sweet and she loves to cook, did I mention she’s Vietnamese so I was definitely looking forward to something non-korean.  The rest of the crew Sohka and Maritza came along and we had a girls night/ who’s right and who’s wrong battle. we are so random we talked about the weirdest stuff like dental hygiene, how fat we feel/yet we couldn’t stop stuffing food in our faces, how exhausted we are,  we wondered why South Africans are one of the rudest people in Korea, why the hell Thuy is a pack rat, Thuy’s car issues back in the states/how to get a good deal on a car, why the schools are too cheap to run A/C etc. As you can see this wasnt you average girl talk it was filled with big GRE/GMAT vocabulary words and unneccessary prattle .(see GRE word) 


Notice all the junk in the pictures, I kept telling her how she reminded me of my Aunt in Brooklyn who is the queen of pack rats. 


Dinner was yumtastic and we all had 2nds some thirds...

random poses


and for dessert fruit parfait

im looking hella tan, but i'm so NOT!!!


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