Being a student is challenging, being a teacher is hard work.


I always sit back and think what this women was talking about when she sputtered these words  “Teaching English as a second language is easy, it’s the easiest thing in the world even a bum could do it” she must have been on that good ol buzz because I don’t know what she was talking about. Teaching English as a second language is opposite of that statement, which might have a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable taking my TESOL certification course with her, or that company(always do your research). 

This past saturday I spent the day in a coma and the second half of the day busting out lesson plans for this coming summer camp. You might remember  me talking about last years winter camp well now here’s the follow-up to that, and since my co-teacher was so “busy” with other work I had to take the reins which I was more than happy to do since she’s not the best at knowing how to have fun! 

The downfall is I had to come up with eight lesson plans but consciously think of how I could use the same lesson  plan but switch it up for the lower level 3rd and 4th graders then the higher level 5th and 6th graders so basically it was 16 lesson plans I was crunching. We were given a budget this time around so that means I am free to do as I like!!  Complete freedom, I’ve had ideas stored in my head since before I came out here so I am definitely going B-I-G that and instead of 2 weeks for camp it will only be 8 days pheeeewwwwww. 


I went to this KAH-Yute cafe called “I have a dream” go figures I came here because me working at the apt just never works out for me, the cafe was very quaint and chic I snapped a few pics of the digs. 



The ambience was so chill, it wasnt too crowdy, and the cafe perfectly quite with a touch of music dancing in the air just how I like it. I  just knew I was going to get all my work done however I couldn’t begin working without trying some of the food, waffles and a strawberry smoothie were my choices. 





Now that my belly was full it was time to get some hard work done 

I will forever opt for pen to paper



That Drake finished downloading so I had to get a listen…..that new Drake album had me and my creative thoughts just pouring out with the ink. PSSttt…. don’t worry my sister bought me the real copy, I just don’t have the luxury of getting any music while im out here unless its downloaded. 


All in all I had a good session and it only took me 4hours…..I had to make 8 of these. 


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