World cup madness!!!

Who knew deep down inside I was a soccer fan!!! I mean I always liked to play soccer in P.E. , minus the psycho kids that would take it waaaaayyy to seriously–did you guys ever have kids that always seemed to go for the shins??? Anyhow I was feeling quite ANTI the night before.  The next day I lazily got dressed and took the train to Itaewon to meet up with my dear friend Si- Nae(loves her)and her sister.

The gang

On the train ride practically everyone had their cell phones out with streaming live T.V. as the men would shout I would get excited. As I got deeper into the city the crowds were swarming with thier red “GO Korea” shirts and their “Fighting” tees. By the time I made it above ground I wanted to just get to where  they were at so I could start cheering. What is it about camaraderie that makes the spirit change instantaneously? I mean just minutes ago I didnt even want to go, and then by the end of the night I was in the restuarant high fiving, hugging, screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs for Koreas win.

I was really into the game, I know absolutely nothing about soccer but I have a feeling I will by the time the world cup is over! Si-nae was getting a kick outta my antics and I was enjoying here innocence–that sounded kinda perverted. What I mean is she is not sully but can speak excellent english, she helps me understand the Korean culture because she has this spirit that is of a Korean 25 year old(23 american age, i’ll explain that in another post) The difference is Americans are exposed to too much so early in thier life I feel like it kind of destroys that whimsy that I find in her. Her sister is the same way as well

The game ended at 10something and I was dead set on going home afterwards, it wasnt until I missed my last train heading back for home that  I decided to turnaround and meet my other friend Pam to watch the USA team who won!!!!! It felt so damn good cheering for US I practically lost my voice, I was also harrased by drunken older men with liquor breath ewwwwwwwww. Oddly enough this happens to me a lot I dont get it– do I look like a person who likes old drunken men with beer bellies????

My whole night was pretty dope but the hightlight of my night was:

Walking out the bar at 6am in the morning(the game began at like 3:40am so dont judge me) to pounding rain. I was talking to an acquaintance a cutie acquaintance a.k.a. spanish boy lol about meaningful/sensless/flirting; lots of flirting.  It was like I was in high school again when everything is harmless and there is pure joy to be around each other. We were standing in the rain with our umbrellas of course!! Too bad he’s a bad boy, I could just tell from our past convos…I have like a 6th sense for it NOW. Gosh darn those bad boys why do they always find me as well, and even more why do I always have moments where I can just let loose– be myself– pure me–100%– no fluff–no b.s. with the people I know are NO good for me. I chopped it up to the man upstairs giving me a test, a test to see if I truly mean when I say i’m done talking to these Rico Suaves-no pun intended hahaha, did I pass???

My korean bestie Si- nae

The only picture we got with Yousaf smiling with his boo ju hee!


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