Just clownin around

Here are a couple of mixed up pictures of events I attended last month. Dont ask me where May went…. but im not one to question when the month breezes past me like it did.

The first event was the Air show our school attended as a field trip for the little kiddies, it was pretty dope! Ji-Yeong and I were the only ones that were ooooohhhhhing and ahhhhhhing at the skills of the pilots. I felt like a kid again,  it was like when my dad used to take us to the air shows during the summer in Cali. 

Bo Sung- his face is priceless


Svetlana she was a Russian pilot and she had some skills behind the wheel.  I told Yoon Che to say hello in English and flirt– he got an autograph! He was so geeked 


One my favorite students he such a cutie 

Eek Sung

The rest are pics of things that were going on after the show. It was a bit random 


She was a renaissance mime, she was good.

I couldn't believe it until further inspection

Did I ever tell you I have a cotton candy addiction

This was the best clown ever! hair twins maybe--

Pink and Green but im No AKA

Cinco De Mayo in Korea a.k.a it was children’s day. We had the day off 


Yummy mexican food. check

Hammy's chillen. check

Party people. check

Sponge BoB the pinata to complete the party

Time to let off some much needed steam….. 






The Koreans were so intrigued by our lil games so we let a few of them hit good ol’ spongey 



Group pics  



Fireworks to end the day!!! I have a sick mind 


He put the firework there— 



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