Being a student is challenging, being a teacher is hard work.


I always sit back and think what this women was talking about when she sputtered these words  “Teaching English as a second language is easy, it’s the easiest thing in the world even a bum could do it” she must have been on that good ol buzz because I don’t know what she was talking about. Teaching English as a second language is opposite of that statement, which might have a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable taking my TESOL certification course with her, or that company(always do your research). 

This past saturday I spent the day in a coma and the second half of the day busting out lesson plans for this coming summer camp. You might remember  me talking about last years winter camp well now here’s the follow-up to that, and since my co-teacher was so “busy” with other work I had to take the reins which I was more than happy to do since she’s not the best at knowing how to have fun! 

The downfall is I had to come up with eight lesson plans but consciously think of how I could use the same lesson  plan but switch it up for the lower level 3rd and 4th graders then the higher level 5th and 6th graders so basically it was 16 lesson plans I was crunching. We were given a budget this time around so that means I am free to do as I like!!  Complete freedom, I’ve had ideas stored in my head since before I came out here so I am definitely going B-I-G that and instead of 2 weeks for camp it will only be 8 days pheeeewwwwww. 


I went to this KAH-Yute cafe called “I have a dream” go figures I came here because me working at the apt just never works out for me, the cafe was very quaint and chic I snapped a few pics of the digs. 



The ambience was so chill, it wasnt too crowdy, and the cafe perfectly quite with a touch of music dancing in the air just how I like it. I  just knew I was going to get all my work done however I couldn’t begin working without trying some of the food, waffles and a strawberry smoothie were my choices. 





Now that my belly was full it was time to get some hard work done 

I will forever opt for pen to paper



That Drake finished downloading so I had to get a listen…..that new Drake album had me and my creative thoughts just pouring out with the ink. PSSttt…. don’t worry my sister bought me the real copy, I just don’t have the luxury of getting any music while im out here unless its downloaded. 


All in all I had a good session and it only took me 4hours…..I had to make 8 of these. 


You cant survive unless you have foreigner friends.



This past friday a friend of mine invited a few of us over to have dinner at her place, I was all in especially since I wouldn’t have to take a train to her spot. I am so over travelling the train right now– I live soooo far from everything it takes no less than an hour or more for me to get anywhere!!! 

Thuy who I met awhile back  is so sweet and she loves to cook, did I mention she’s Vietnamese so I was definitely looking forward to something non-korean.  The rest of the crew Sohka and Maritza came along and we had a girls night/ who’s right and who’s wrong battle. we are so random we talked about the weirdest stuff like dental hygiene, how fat we feel/yet we couldn’t stop stuffing food in our faces, how exhausted we are,  we wondered why South Africans are one of the rudest people in Korea, why the hell Thuy is a pack rat, Thuy’s car issues back in the states/how to get a good deal on a car, why the schools are too cheap to run A/C etc. As you can see this wasnt you average girl talk it was filled with big GRE/GMAT vocabulary words and unneccessary prattle .(see GRE word) 


Notice all the junk in the pictures, I kept telling her how she reminded me of my Aunt in Brooklyn who is the queen of pack rats. 


Dinner was yumtastic and we all had 2nds some thirds...

random poses


and for dessert fruit parfait

im looking hella tan, but i'm so NOT!!!

World cup madness!!!

Who knew deep down inside I was a soccer fan!!! I mean I always liked to play soccer in P.E. , minus the psycho kids that would take it waaaaayyy to seriously–did you guys ever have kids that always seemed to go for the shins??? Anyhow I was feeling quite ANTI the night before.  The next day I lazily got dressed and took the train to Itaewon to meet up with my dear friend Si- Nae(loves her)and her sister.

The gang

On the train ride practically everyone had their cell phones out with streaming live T.V. as the men would shout I would get excited. As I got deeper into the city the crowds were swarming with thier red “GO Korea” shirts and their “Fighting” tees. By the time I made it above ground I wanted to just get to where  they were at so I could start cheering. What is it about camaraderie that makes the spirit change instantaneously? I mean just minutes ago I didnt even want to go, and then by the end of the night I was in the restuarant high fiving, hugging, screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs for Koreas win.

I was really into the game, I know absolutely nothing about soccer but I have a feeling I will by the time the world cup is over! Si-nae was getting a kick outta my antics and I was enjoying here innocence–that sounded kinda perverted. What I mean is she is not sully but can speak excellent english, she helps me understand the Korean culture because she has this spirit that is of a Korean 25 year old(23 american age, i’ll explain that in another post) The difference is Americans are exposed to too much so early in thier life I feel like it kind of destroys that whimsy that I find in her. Her sister is the same way as well

The game ended at 10something and I was dead set on going home afterwards, it wasnt until I missed my last train heading back for home that  I decided to turnaround and meet my other friend Pam to watch the USA team who won!!!!! It felt so damn good cheering for US I practically lost my voice, I was also harrased by drunken older men with liquor breath ewwwwwwwww. Oddly enough this happens to me a lot I dont get it– do I look like a person who likes old drunken men with beer bellies????

My whole night was pretty dope but the hightlight of my night was:

Walking out the bar at 6am in the morning(the game began at like 3:40am so dont judge me) to pounding rain. I was talking to an acquaintance a cutie acquaintance a.k.a. spanish boy lol about meaningful/sensless/flirting; lots of flirting.  It was like I was in high school again when everything is harmless and there is pure joy to be around each other. We were standing in the rain with our umbrellas of course!! Too bad he’s a bad boy, I could just tell from our past convos…I have like a 6th sense for it NOW. Gosh darn those bad boys why do they always find me as well, and even more why do I always have moments where I can just let loose– be myself– pure me–100%– no fluff–no b.s. with the people I know are NO good for me. I chopped it up to the man upstairs giving me a test, a test to see if I truly mean when I say i’m done talking to these Rico Suaves-no pun intended hahaha, did I pass???

My korean bestie Si- nae

The only picture we got with Yousaf smiling with his boo ju hee!

Just clownin around

Here are a couple of mixed up pictures of events I attended last month. Dont ask me where May went…. but im not one to question when the month breezes past me like it did.

The first event was the Air show our school attended as a field trip for the little kiddies, it was pretty dope! Ji-Yeong and I were the only ones that were ooooohhhhhing and ahhhhhhing at the skills of the pilots. I felt like a kid again,  it was like when my dad used to take us to the air shows during the summer in Cali. 

Bo Sung- his face is priceless


Svetlana she was a Russian pilot and she had some skills behind the wheel.  I told Yoon Che to say hello in English and flirt– he got an autograph! He was so geeked 


One my favorite students he such a cutie 

Eek Sung

The rest are pics of things that were going on after the show. It was a bit random 


She was a renaissance mime, she was good.

I couldn't believe it until further inspection

Did I ever tell you I have a cotton candy addiction

This was the best clown ever! hair twins maybe--

Pink and Green but im No AKA

Cinco De Mayo in Korea a.k.a it was children’s day. We had the day off 


Yummy mexican food. check

Hammy's chillen. check

Party people. check

Sponge BoB the pinata to complete the party

Time to let off some much needed steam….. 






The Koreans were so intrigued by our lil games so we let a few of them hit good ol’ spongey 



Group pics  



Fireworks to end the day!!! I have a sick mind 


He put the firework there—