If anybody speak to scotty Tell him beam me up..

Makes me wanna ask the lady for a ticket outta town…
So can I get a window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a ticket outta town
A look around
And a safe touch down
Window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a chance to fly
A chance to cry
And a long bye bye..

-Erykah Badu

So I don’t want to make this a long post but I’m hurting out here folks. Lately my body has been breaking down…I have been on and off sick for the last 2months and I don’t know what else to do. First let me tell you I have never really been a person that gets sick a lot but my body has been fighting off colds, fevers, allergies, headaches and dizzyness.

I of all people know how to take care of my body since my high school/college –saga of sickness'(I wont get into that spiel but I was painly sick and learned how to heal myself through those times) since then I have been healthy but like I said these last 2months I’ve been combating my illness’s with taking frequent naps, drinking more tea, walking MORE instead of biking. Recently I’ve been exhausted so I thought I needed to join the gym which I’ve done so all to become even more tired and weak!

I dont know what to do??? I tried calling out sick today but that didn’t even work because I convinced myself I could do it. But truth be told there is a lot pressure to have to go to school everyday Monday-Friday because the Koreans highly look down upon taking days off. YES I have days allotted in my contract that state I have the right to use them! but the truth of the matter is since I am the only ‘native english teacher’ at my school the pressure is even higher for me to be in attendance.

Vacation doesn’t begin until  the last day in July and I am so close yet so far….This Friday we have the day off but it doesn’t matter because my body needs a week to heal not a 3-day weekend! I will take what I can get but I need a break away from these people. I’m talking about get outta this country, I don’t even wanna see an asian right now kinda break.

I have decided to take my vacation to India but I can’t even get excited because that too is going to require me to use energy to plan that I don’t even have….I am burning up as I type. TTYL


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