and then pop bottles….

On friday nights intercontinental hotel has a special where they have open buffet and endless drinks from 6:00pm to 9:00pm all for 19,000won which equals 18.50US which also means I was up in there poppin champagne bottles like it was nothin just take a look at my glasses 


Cheers to me!



Some of the food I ate…..I also found out I have and addiction to lychee—word that fruit is the truth!!!! 



I had seconds perhaps thirds


I need to wash this food down with some more chamblee


The crew sohka and maritza are from Cali I swear cali is always in the house. Thuy who is from NY but moved to ATL. Micheal who went to school in San Diego and maritza’s boyfriend Steve who came to visit from cali!!!!! 

sohka and sick micheal


Micheal who was really sick was drugged up so no he was not drunk it was the pills. He say and I quote “This damn Korean woman who I sat next to on the bus got me sick” hahahahahah.  Ok onto a serious matter just a lil knowledge for you to know Koreans do not, I repeat do NOT cover their mouths when they sneeze, or cough. This was a very hard adjustment for me as I became a major germaphobe after 6th grade. We watched Bill Nye the science guy and he showed how fast germs travel into the body after one sneezes or coughs. Needless to say I have nearly died out her multiple time because of the agony…. 

Maritza and her boo Steven. They are so KAHyute


drinking before we cheers'd


laughing cuz steven called me out!!!


Ok lets do this the right way


4 Flavors of yummy- Black, Vietnamese, Spanish, Cambodian. Loves it


now for Monique to act ridiculous, these are famous korean picture poses 



A taste of what the night led to when the liquor was abundantly in the system. 






Mike was looking so sad and down I decided to cheer him up a bit these pics are so hilarious to me, my facial expressions are just telling…. 





Maritza gettin extra comfy over there


Then got sexy on em


Now things took a turn for me as I am a bit clumsy– 

oooppps did I do that...broken glass


Time for me to go...I've had one too many drinks!!!


It was time for me to go, not only was I past buzzed I had to wake up early the next morning to get my hair braided—eeeeeeccckkkk I was mad dehydrated the next day! 

This night was as fun as it looked. WE had a blast I love hangin out with them they are so chill and down to earth. I wish all my weekends were like this out here but their not so I can only do it B.I.G when I do get the opportunities. till next time.


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