6 months- time to reflect

*This is a fab vintage shop I found out here, its a bit pricey then what i'm used to paying but whatevs.

I have hit the 6 month mark! A whole half  a year—Wow can you believe I have been here for 6months, that is just crazy to me ahhhh. Anyways that means its time to reflect and im going to keep it real simple as I feel as though reflection time is meant to be private and for oneself but I will say these few things….I will put them in the form of  bullet points to keep me from rambling!!!!

  • I refuse to explain myself to people anymore, I hate checklists and even more I hate  answering the question “what are you plans for the future?” I used to have a checklist of things I wanted accomplished and they all came crashing down like the twin towers(not trying to be funny it devastated the hell out of me).
  • I should have listened to my TESOL teacher when he told me to go to Vietnam or Taiwan, money does not bring me satisfaction. What it does is give me a nice wardrobe and opportunities to help MOM and DAD!
  • I’m sorta confused on my future plans, I will be studying for the GRE in hopes of entering 2 certain grad schools in NY.
  • I can survive ANYWHERE the lord places me truly.
  • I still gotta dream BIG because i’m destined for greatness, I can feel it.
  • I havent had a panic attack since living out here which means AMERICA has this sorta stigma that doesnt agree with my soul.
  • My family is my stable ground.
  • praying/meditation works.
  • Love Yourself, Be yourself, Be Free. Dont let other people’s prison; imprison YOU.
  • Making sacrifices sucks.
  • I’m a loner….exactly the way that sounds. I dont like it, but its the way this has played out for me.
  • I definitely want children of my own!
  • I’m a good person, with a lot of heart and I will never let anyone take that away from me EVER again.


saw this on the mannequin and was like YESSSSSSSSS.

yes its sheer but the style is so ME. Looks like a Missoni piece


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