Festival of lights

So last week I attended the lotus lantern festival!!!! It was loads of fun and it was festival to celebrate buddhas coming birthday which is tomorrow, the festival took place in one of my favorite neighborhoods Insadong…. take a look at some of the pics…

The highlights:

  • Being interviewed by a newscast
  • Taking a picture of me being a Jamaican buddha
  • watching horrible dance competitions
  • watching a prima dona boy outperform his dance crew(total broken wrists)
  • eating new york style hotdogs
  • eating cotton candy
  • paying my respects to buddha by washing him down with water
  • looking at all the women in their hanboks
  • checking out some dope floats
  • partaking in my first Korean cultural event!!!


If anybody speak to scotty Tell him beam me up..

Makes me wanna ask the lady for a ticket outta town…
So can I get a window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a ticket outta town
A look around
And a safe touch down
Window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a chance to fly
A chance to cry
And a long bye bye..

-Erykah Badu

So I don’t want to make this a long post but I’m hurting out here folks. Lately my body has been breaking down…I have been on and off sick for the last 2months and I don’t know what else to do. First let me tell you I have never really been a person that gets sick a lot but my body has been fighting off colds, fevers, allergies, headaches and dizzyness.

I of all people know how to take care of my body since my high school/college –saga of sickness'(I wont get into that spiel but I was painly sick and learned how to heal myself through those times) since then I have been healthy but like I said these last 2months I’ve been combating my illness’s with taking frequent naps, drinking more tea, walking MORE instead of biking. Recently I’ve been exhausted so I thought I needed to join the gym which I’ve done so all to become even more tired and weak!

I dont know what to do??? I tried calling out sick today but that didn’t even work because I convinced myself I could do it. But truth be told there is a lot pressure to have to go to school everyday Monday-Friday because the Koreans highly look down upon taking days off. YES I have days allotted in my contract that state I have the right to use them! but the truth of the matter is since I am the only ‘native english teacher’ at my school the pressure is even higher for me to be in attendance.

Vacation doesn’t begin until  the last day in July and I am so close yet so far….This Friday we have the day off but it doesn’t matter because my body needs a week to heal not a 3-day weekend! I will take what I can get but I need a break away from these people. I’m talking about get outta this country, I don’t even wanna see an asian right now kinda break.

I have decided to take my vacation to India but I can’t even get excited because that too is going to require me to use energy to plan that I don’t even have….I am burning up as I type. TTYL

and then pop bottles….

On friday nights intercontinental hotel has a special where they have open buffet and endless drinks from 6:00pm to 9:00pm all for 19,000won which equals 18.50US which also means I was up in there poppin champagne bottles like it was nothin just take a look at my glasses 


Cheers to me!



Some of the food I ate…..I also found out I have and addiction to lychee—word that fruit is the truth!!!! 



I had seconds perhaps thirds


I need to wash this food down with some more chamblee


The crew sohka and maritza are from Cali I swear cali is always in the house. Thuy who is from NY but moved to ATL. Micheal who went to school in San Diego and maritza’s boyfriend Steve who came to visit from cali!!!!! 

sohka and sick micheal


Micheal who was really sick was drugged up so no he was not drunk it was the pills. He say and I quote “This damn Korean woman who I sat next to on the bus got me sick” hahahahahah.  Ok onto a serious matter just a lil knowledge for you to know Koreans do not, I repeat do NOT cover their mouths when they sneeze, or cough. This was a very hard adjustment for me as I became a major germaphobe after 6th grade. We watched Bill Nye the science guy and he showed how fast germs travel into the body after one sneezes or coughs. Needless to say I have nearly died out her multiple time because of the agony…. 

Maritza and her boo Steven. They are so KAHyute


drinking before we cheers'd


laughing cuz steven called me out!!!


Ok lets do this the right way


4 Flavors of yummy- Black, Vietnamese, Spanish, Cambodian. Loves it


now for Monique to act ridiculous, these are famous korean picture poses 



A taste of what the night led to when the liquor was abundantly in the system. 






Mike was looking so sad and down I decided to cheer him up a bit these pics are so hilarious to me, my facial expressions are just telling…. 





Maritza gettin extra comfy over there


Then got sexy on em


Now things took a turn for me as I am a bit clumsy– 

oooppps did I do that...broken glass


Time for me to go...I've had one too many drinks!!!


It was time for me to go, not only was I past buzzed I had to wake up early the next morning to get my hair braided—eeeeeeccckkkk I was mad dehydrated the next day! 

This night was as fun as it looked. WE had a blast I love hangin out with them they are so chill and down to earth. I wish all my weekends were like this out here but their not so I can only do it B.I.G when I do get the opportunities. till next time.

6 months- time to reflect

*This is a fab vintage shop I found out here, its a bit pricey then what i'm used to paying but whatevs.

I have hit the 6 month mark! A whole half  a year—Wow can you believe I have been here for 6months, that is just crazy to me ahhhh. Anyways that means its time to reflect and im going to keep it real simple as I feel as though reflection time is meant to be private and for oneself but I will say these few things….I will put them in the form of  bullet points to keep me from rambling!!!!

  • I refuse to explain myself to people anymore, I hate checklists and even more I hate  answering the question “what are you plans for the future?” I used to have a checklist of things I wanted accomplished and they all came crashing down like the twin towers(not trying to be funny it devastated the hell out of me).
  • I should have listened to my TESOL teacher when he told me to go to Vietnam or Taiwan, money does not bring me satisfaction. What it does is give me a nice wardrobe and opportunities to help MOM and DAD!
  • I’m sorta confused on my future plans, I will be studying for the GRE in hopes of entering 2 certain grad schools in NY.
  • I can survive ANYWHERE the lord places me truly.
  • I still gotta dream BIG because i’m destined for greatness, I can feel it.
  • I havent had a panic attack since living out here which means AMERICA has this sorta stigma that doesnt agree with my soul.
  • My family is my stable ground.
  • praying/meditation works.
  • Love Yourself, Be yourself, Be Free. Dont let other people’s prison; imprison YOU.
  • Making sacrifices sucks.
  • I’m a loner….exactly the way that sounds. I dont like it, but its the way this has played out for me.
  • I definitely want children of my own!
  • I’m a good person, with a lot of heart and I will never let anyone take that away from me EVER again.


saw this on the mannequin and was like YESSSSSSSSS.

yes its sheer but the style is so ME. Looks like a Missoni piece