Street Style.

This time around I’m going to showcase some of the men that I think have pretty dope street style, I love a man who can dress and I like men that can complement my look so these men kinda emulate the styles I imagine my future boo to resemble *sigh*. It’s definitely sexy and tells me a lot about their personality without having to talk!!! 

Just FLY....thats all I can say

I spotted this clean fitted suit from far away

Then I had to get a close up, who doesn't love a man in a nice FITTED suit! The color choice is also nice

The couple duo. Love his cardigan down to his brown messenger bag notice the red coat draped on the bag for warmth and an unexpected color choice. Her fit was cute too!

That concludes this round of street style I’m beginning to love these cant wait to see what the warmer temperatures bring me!!


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