I have a STALKER!!!

*cue the Mike Meyers music*

Ok this isn’t your normal stalker first off it’s a girl and she’s about 3 feet 11inches…..ahahaha.

So since the new school year started we got new kids(If you don’t remember the school I teach at was brand new when I got here so they started small then gradually brought more kids in) in February but this little girl just stares at me not the kind of stare where you look and keep it moving NAW I’m talking about 15-30min stares with the same face at first I didn’t like it because she wouldn’t say anything just give me this creepy look but then I thought of her as my lil stalker then I thought she was so cute. I only see her at lunch time because she is a first grader so this is the face she gives me at all times and it never changes until she walks off.

I always feel like somebodys watching me-- and I have no privacy.

After awhile I just ignored her because she’s all in my face while im trying to eat, but for those of you who might not know this for some of these kids it’s the first time their seeing a foreigner PERIOD and then a black girl at that. So I believe she was just amazed that I was in real life not on T.V. she doesn’t stalk for long periods of time as of now she just strolls and does a normal check-up look!!!

Here she is from the side LOLz


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