So as a teacher we have to go on field trips like when we were kids, last week this particular field trip was to a far away city called Gyeongju and it took about 6hours to get there, lots of bathroom breaks and we stopped at a famous steel mill named Pasco. We got to briefly walk through the factory to see how the steel is processed, it was HUGE and very HOT. Wouldn’t want to fall into that pit(sorry no pics were allowed)

We made our way to the city and I was very disappointed, first of all I didn’t want to go because 3days+a bus+6hours travelling time+kids=i’m about to kill somebody!! But before I went all I kept hearing was how beautiful this city was and my Korean freinds kept raving how nice it is, I was expecting it to be paradise the way they were describing it, well paradise it wasnt.

here were the highlights:

*acting like a kid again

*drinking sacred water


*seeing the Seokguram grotto(no pics allowed though)

*chillin with some of the kids

Lunch break

Second stop King Mumu’s Grave site

King mumus grave

 It was said he wanted to be buried at this location in the water so that he can come back as a dragon to protect Korea from Japan. Pretty gangsta’

camera trickin it

Ji yeong and I

goofy shot

Do not remember the third site guess it wasnt memorable enough but me ji yeong took some fun pics

 4th site don’t remember the name either but it was pretty dope..hey dont get mad at me– the tour was in Korean so I couldn’t understand a gosh darn thing.

lovin the fro in this pic! its growing

The famous astrology watch tower

5th site Seokguram did some hiking saw the grotto buddha

I found the fountain of youth!!! j/p

Hiding their face is to look cute and innocent.

It was 3days of sightseeing so hopefully that will be the first and the last, our next field trip is next week to the air show…ahhhh more my speed.

lookin like I'm up to no good


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