Spring has finally made it’s way!

Ok I’m back….sorry for the delays I think I was put on time out!!!!

It has been awfully cold since I came to Korea, it has just recently began to warm up but it is still a bit cool and breezy at times. It’s definitely not time to whip out the shorts, and the skirts let alone sandals but I did finally get to put away my heavy coats. I was able to snap some pics of some of the beautiful flowers blooming including the illustrious Cherry blossom tree! Hampton also met a friend while we were out and about….


This is just an imagery thing i’m testing out!! I used to love playing with these things as a kid, it provided hours of timeless fun! It dissapointed me as adult to find out they are just weeds.

Hammys friend I let them play for like 15mins…

Hope you enjoyed!


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