Your teacher lied to you, if they said they don’t have favorites.

These are just a few pictures of some of the kids that are my faves…their my faves for a couple of reasons their either cute, outgoing, bad as hell– so much so I can’t even yell at them without busting out laughing, their mannerisms are beyond their actual age, they say the darndest things, they always come up to me and stare at me, or they just have the warmest smiles….take a look

Dong Hwa An (this one HERE boy!!!) bad as hell but he is my #1

look at those ears!!! I play with them all the time

LOOK at that face he has the sweetest smile he always make my day

sok bum chin and yeong gun

Let me tell you about sok bum(pronounced sock bomb) this one right here used to be the infamous bully either he was always knocking kids out or he was getting knocked out by his teacher he has changed so much this year, last year he never talked in my English classes nor did he participate. He would just put his head down(mainly because he was depressed–he was known as the reject nobody liked this kid but me!!) he still doenst bring his book or do his homework or bring a notebook but he does volunteer now and he sings along…..i’m proud. I like yeong gwn( pronounced yung gun-dude has the sickest name ever!!) he’s and older man trapped in a little kids body and he’s very smart.

this is my gurl right here!! If she doesn't see me during school hours she finds me during lunch and always says hi--now its Was up cuz I just taught her that, she even has the head nod down pact

ok that’s enough for today– I will have more of my faves later….


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