This aint your regular school cafeteria.

Lunch today alright I wasnt screaming or doing back flips but it did its job so let’s get to it…

4/13/2010 Todays menu:

White rice

Mi-uk goo- seaweed soup with beef bits (this is one of my favorite soups) this is a korean tradition as it is served and eaten for birthdays and consumed by pregnant women, it helps the baby and the pregnancy transition smoothly.

Gimchi- like i said this is served everyday practically

Steak-same thing as Salisbury steak but not as tasty. I hate how this steak taste I don’t like it(taste like floor cleaner).

Bean sprouts-I used to not touch bean sprouts but now I consume them more often than before

I know it looks slimy and gross but it is GOOD!


Gimchi known to "cure" any and all ailments....the jury is still out on that verdict.

min seong and I today( I look like a rasta mon for real)


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