WE were robbed today!!!

Ok not today but Friday—

This morning when I got to school my co-teacher tells me

“Monique I have not so good news to tell you” I’m thinking are open class was cancelled or something like that(more on that later this week) I was like “What happened” she tells me “ummmmmm we were loved friday” “I was like what your in love” ” she goes NO we were ROBBED, by bad man”

“WHAAAAATTTT what happened?” “Look in the classroom” she says.

At first glance I thought the projector was stolen but then she says ” someone stole the PC!” “WHAT are you serious???” she then tells me the incident occurred on Friday and immediately I knew exactly when it happened—- sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IT.

I didn’t say anything at first but then she goes on to tell me 5 police man came to investigate and that they pulled all the survellance on the school but they were unable to see anyone leaving with a PC….Ji yeong then says since the computer was in Our/her classroom shes responsible for the computer and might possibly have to pay for it out of her pocket. I feel bad at this point because I knew when it happened…I then decided to confess to her. I say “Ji Yeong I think I know when it happened” she says “OH REALLY” I say “yea during the afternoon when we were both working I heard someone come into the classroom, but I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t think to get up to check I just thought it was maybe one of the kids coming in to get something they forget but something strange happened…I heard a slam and a thud but hey—you know how kids are when their in a hurry.” Ji yeong then says “Monique, me too I heard the noise too but I was so tired I didn’t get up I just ignore it, but I didnt tell the school anything I just told them I didnt know anything”  I then tell Ji-Yeong
“OOOOOOOOO NOOOO this is horrible, I wont say anything though dont worry”

We then kept talking about it for another 15mins but the moral of the story is we gotta lock up everything now and carry our key everywhere…NO WORRIES, I agree.

I know who stole that computer though…..it was these workers that are working on the library remodel, I dont like to point fingers but *imagine me pointing* I know it was them they just started remodeling the library last week and all of a sudden we get jacked Friday eeeeerrrry suspicion or just plain Ole coincidence, not to mention they were all up in the windows while we were teaching class( I just wrote it off to them being intrigued by me the native, guess not lol)…. whatever— but I felt very angry today…mainly because something in my gut told me to get up but I was sick all week last week and it was the end of the day…..


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