This aint your regular school cafeteria

Ok so this week I have finally decided to show case what I eat and how I eat Monday- Friday for lunch while at school. This was one of the first things I was impressed with when I first got here, all the food is cooked by the chef and her assistants. The chef can’t just be any old chef either…. they go to something similar to culinary school like in the States. Anyhow the chef designs the menu month to month and begins preparing the food at around 9:30-10am (lunch is served at 12 and the principal eats first of course!!!) You will see in my pictures I will describe the layout of the serving tray;

First you grab your stainless steel serving tray along with a spoon and two chopsticks( can’t imagine my life without these now), then you walk over to the counter where your fellow 6th grade students or if your a kid–where your friends serve you food, the kids really love this and they take pride in making sure they give you the right proportions! So much so they are at times stingy with the food and I have to take the spoon and serve myself lolz. Every month they rotate new 6th grade students to do this task…since we have gotten a little bit bigger they have also elected 3 other students who monitor the tray disposing.

4/12/2010-Today’s menu:

Sam Gyup Sal (this can be either pork or beef this time pork) I Freaking LOVE Sam gyup sal I shouted hurray today!!

lettuce (this is to wrap the sam gyup sal in)

Gimchi( Served practically 5days a week if not 4)

Rice( we eat rice EVERYDAY)

Seafood Soup with tofu(we eat soup everyday it changes but always soup, can’t live without tofu now)

wheat flour roll with red bean filling( yummy)

All in all LUNCH WAS BOMB TODAY!!!! I even got seconds and thirds(The teachers had to get a health exam so they were not allowed to eat today— the chef hooked me up) when the food is good its good, it’s also the reason why my back side has grown exponentially hahahahahaha.

Just so you know I do pay for lunch and it is deducted out of my paycheck each month but I did try to negotiate no pay in my contract but it was a failed attempt, I’m not trippin though it only cost like 2,340won a day which is like $2.15 US. The kids on the other hand receive stipends and the government foots the cost for their meals, how cool is that!!! Not only are they eating healthy meals but it is cooked fresh everyday by the chef, and its their native food. America needs to catch on up!!!

See you tomorrow when I post tomorrows lunch!!! mmmm cant wait—


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