I’m Lovin IT!!!

Actually i’m not, those of you that know me know I LOVE breakfast food….I could eat breakfast food anytime of the day it doesnt matter. So as of lately I have been craving french toast with some maple syrup but I didn’t feel like traveling and hour and 30mins to get it—so I settled for going to McDonald’s, now I gave up Micky D’s a LONG time ago like 3years now but rough times call for drastic measures, I got on my bike and went to the McDonald’s close to the house but when I got there, there was no breakfast menu WTF?!?!?!?!!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, How are you going to have pictures of the breakfast sandwich outside the building as advertisement and breakfast pictures at the register but not have a breakfast menu????? I was bamboozled. Instead of going home empty-handed I went ahead and got the shrimp sandwich and fries that was on a special discount if you purchase from 11am-2pm—-bummer, I was not happy about this I didn’t even want this sandwich because all the fast food restaurants out here sell the same thing and they all taste the same exact way I kid you not. They have Popeye’s out here but they don’t sell the chicken strips nor do they serve the red beans and rice, I mean I understand I’m in Korea but dang Popeye is from the south Louisiana for cryin out loud and the menu still served the same thing as KFC/Burger King/ McDonald’s WTF?!?

My mom said when she comes to visit she will make all the breakfast food I can eat!!! till then…..*sigh*

Still Greasy


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