So as a teacher we have to go on field trips like when we were kids, last week this particular field trip was to a far away city called Gyeongju and it took about 6hours to get there, lots of bathroom breaks and we stopped at a famous steel mill named Pasco. We got to briefly walk through the factory to see how the steel is processed, it was HUGE and very HOT. Wouldn’t want to fall into that pit(sorry no pics were allowed)

We made our way to the city and I was very disappointed, first of all I didn’t want to go because 3days+a bus+6hours travelling time+kids=i’m about to kill somebody!! But before I went all I kept hearing was how beautiful this city was and my Korean freinds kept raving how nice it is, I was expecting it to be paradise the way they were describing it, well paradise it wasnt.

here were the highlights:

*acting like a kid again

*drinking sacred water


*seeing the Seokguram grotto(no pics allowed though)

*chillin with some of the kids

Lunch break

Second stop King Mumu’s Grave site

King mumus grave

 It was said he wanted to be buried at this location in the water so that he can come back as a dragon to protect Korea from Japan. Pretty gangsta’

camera trickin it

Ji yeong and I

goofy shot

Do not remember the third site guess it wasnt memorable enough but me ji yeong took some fun pics

 4th site don’t remember the name either but it was pretty dope..hey dont get mad at me– the tour was in Korean so I couldn’t understand a gosh darn thing.

lovin the fro in this pic! its growing

The famous astrology watch tower

5th site Seokguram did some hiking saw the grotto buddha

I found the fountain of youth!!! j/p

Hiding their face is to look cute and innocent.

It was 3days of sightseeing so hopefully that will be the first and the last, our next field trip is next week to the air show…ahhhh more my speed.

lookin like I'm up to no good


I have a STALKER!!!

*cue the Mike Meyers music*

Ok this isn’t your normal stalker first off it’s a girl and she’s about 3 feet 11inches…..ahahaha.

So since the new school year started we got new kids(If you don’t remember the school I teach at was brand new when I got here so they started small then gradually brought more kids in) in February but this little girl just stares at me not the kind of stare where you look and keep it moving NAW I’m talking about 15-30min stares with the same face at first I didn’t like it because she wouldn’t say anything just give me this creepy look but then I thought of her as my lil stalker then I thought she was so cute. I only see her at lunch time because she is a first grader so this is the face she gives me at all times and it never changes until she walks off.

I always feel like somebodys watching me-- and I have no privacy.

After awhile I just ignored her because she’s all in my face while im trying to eat, but for those of you who might not know this for some of these kids it’s the first time their seeing a foreigner PERIOD and then a black girl at that. So I believe she was just amazed that I was in real life not on T.V. she doesn’t stalk for long periods of time as of now she just strolls and does a normal check-up look!!!

Here she is from the side LOLz

Street Style.

This time around I’m going to showcase some of the men that I think have pretty dope street style, I love a man who can dress and I like men that can complement my look so these men kinda emulate the styles I imagine my future boo to resemble *sigh*. It’s definitely sexy and tells me a lot about their personality without having to talk!!! 

Just FLY....thats all I can say

I spotted this clean fitted suit from far away

Then I had to get a close up, who doesn't love a man in a nice FITTED suit! The color choice is also nice

The couple duo. Love his cardigan down to his brown messenger bag notice the red coat draped on the bag for warmth and an unexpected color choice. Her fit was cute too!

That concludes this round of street style I’m beginning to love these cant wait to see what the warmer temperatures bring me!!

Spring has finally made it’s way!

Ok I’m back….sorry for the delays I think I was put on time out!!!!

It has been awfully cold since I came to Korea, it has just recently began to warm up but it is still a bit cool and breezy at times. It’s definitely not time to whip out the shorts, and the skirts let alone sandals but I did finally get to put away my heavy coats. I was able to snap some pics of some of the beautiful flowers blooming including the illustrious Cherry blossom tree! Hampton also met a friend while we were out and about….


This is just an imagery thing i’m testing out!! I used to love playing with these things as a kid, it provided hours of timeless fun! It dissapointed me as adult to find out they are just weeds.

Hammys friend I let them play for like 15mins…

Hope you enjoyed!

Your teacher lied to you, if they said they don’t have favorites.

These are just a few pictures of some of the kids that are my faves…their my faves for a couple of reasons their either cute, outgoing, bad as hell– so much so I can’t even yell at them without busting out laughing, their mannerisms are beyond their actual age, they say the darndest things, they always come up to me and stare at me, or they just have the warmest smiles….take a look

Dong Hwa An (this one HERE boy!!!) bad as hell but he is my #1

look at those ears!!! I play with them all the time

LOOK at that face he has the sweetest smile he always make my day

sok bum chin and yeong gun

Let me tell you about sok bum(pronounced sock bomb) this one right here used to be the infamous bully either he was always knocking kids out or he was getting knocked out by his teacher he has changed so much this year, last year he never talked in my English classes nor did he participate. He would just put his head down(mainly because he was depressed–he was known as the reject nobody liked this kid but me!!) he still doenst bring his book or do his homework or bring a notebook but he does volunteer now and he sings along…..i’m proud. I like yeong gwn( pronounced yung gun-dude has the sickest name ever!!) he’s and older man trapped in a little kids body and he’s very smart.

this is my gurl right here!! If she doesn't see me during school hours she finds me during lunch and always says hi--now its Was up cuz I just taught her that, she even has the head nod down pact

ok that’s enough for today– I will have more of my faves later….

This aint your regular school cafeteria.

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is it FRIDAY but its payday……..

4/16/2010 Today’s Menu:

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  lunch was not the business today!!

squid(ewwww I hate squid)

Gimchi(radish gimchi)

Eggs marinated in this nasty sauce

White rice

and a concoction of a soup that doesnt really have a name for it!!!

Soup concoction that taste aight

eww to squid! I never eat this and I always give my helpings to my co-teachers or the students

Hope you enjoyed this post I had fun taking pictures of my lunch this week.

This aint your regular school cafeteria.

4/14/2020 Todays Menu:

La Mien-Brown Noodles

Mondu-Fried dumpling

White Rice-not pictured

Gimchi- this is radish gimchi so it looks a little different then the other days, but gimchi comes in many different forms. I dont eat this kind.

Strawberry yogurt- this was waaaaaaayyyy to sweet for me, I had like two bites.

Mix your brown sauce and EAT!

Since lunch was very light I had to get seconds!!! See you tomorrow

This aint your regular school cafeteria.

Lunch today alright I wasnt screaming or doing back flips but it did its job so let’s get to it…

4/13/2010 Todays menu:

White rice

Mi-uk goo- seaweed soup with beef bits (this is one of my favorite soups) this is a korean tradition as it is served and eaten for birthdays and consumed by pregnant women, it helps the baby and the pregnancy transition smoothly.

Gimchi- like i said this is served everyday practically

Steak-same thing as Salisbury steak but not as tasty. I hate how this steak taste I don’t like it(taste like floor cleaner).

Bean sprouts-I used to not touch bean sprouts but now I consume them more often than before

I know it looks slimy and gross but it is GOOD!


Gimchi known to "cure" any and all ailments....the jury is still out on that verdict.

min seong and I today( I look like a rasta mon for real)