So this post is about my hair, many of you know I recently chopped of my hair and I am now sporting a fro…. yes I have my awkward moments when i’m like ugggghhhhhh but then I remember its for the best and it’s definitely more fitting for my personality.

So two weeks ago my older sister sent me a care package filled with goodys to help bring my hair lots of needed moisture and TLC!!! The products that she sent me are from a company called Zuresh and let me say me LIKEY!!!!!! I couldn’t wait to try them out so I immediately went home and washed my hair just so I could test them out….instantly my hair was moisturized, soft to the touch and smelling like orange creamsicles mmmmmmmmmm!!!! All Zuresh products are made with complete natural ingredients so I can feel confident that my hair is receiving all the proper nutrients.



This package came at the right time as the air in Korea is becoming more dry(its still snowing in March) and it doesn’t help that their water is very hard as well…thanks Onika for putting me on to another wonderful product line.

Before Zuresh!!!

After Zuresh!


2 thoughts on “Zuresh!

  1. Your hair is beautiful! I hope you are enjoying Korea. I lived on Geoje/Koje Island, South Korea for two years…I miss it! I’m considering ordering Zuresh detangler and would like to know if it’s a good detangler?

  2. Thank you Andrea I would definitely say order the detangler it is multi-functional, other then for detangling I have used it for 2 strand twisting, taking the twist out and using it in combination as a refresher/moistuerizer!!!!! and it smells fantabulous

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