Street Style

So this is going to be my regular posting of normal people I see on the streets of Korea who I belive to have wicked street style. I love fashion or shall I say self-interpreted fashion, Koreans can dress they behinds off!!!(I would say 95% of Koreans can dress) In my opinion they have a sense of style that is unique, fun, and bold!!! Well I’ll let the pictures do the talking and just be on the look out for this periodic addition to the blog.

First up these two ladies I stopped while I was riding my bike..

The girl on the left sports the boyfriend look with a pop of green chucks, while the girl on the right dresses up in a mini skirt, a top, a fitted khaki trench coat, black leggings and for her accessories a blue purse with a bold scarf which is what caught my eyes. She tones down the girly look by wearing black boots.

Second we have Soon Euk I met her at one of my favorite stores I shop at, she was filling in for her sister who owns the shop. She could speak really good English so I stayed and chatted it up with her after blowing some major cash…she was hella cool!

Soon was wearing a print dress, with a black top underneath, a faux fur vest, gray tights and peep toe boots to match!!! Here’s a closer look at that hott vest!!

And last  I photo’d these two girls  in the alley way–I loved their fits they were just perfect!!!! I also love the pic!!!! Working on my photography skills so it doesn’t come in clear for a reason…

Homegirl on the left was wearing a winter cardigan filled with hunter green and dark red, she topped it with a black scarf , she wore black shorts with black tights and blue socks with hiking boots that emulate the same color as her sweater!!!! Her friend on the right decided to layer her fit she wore a black shirt, a denim button up, a grey cardigan and a red belt to cinch in that waist, black shorts and black tights were also her choices but instead she wore black combat boots. To tie the whole look together she threw in a green chunky scarf to keep her warm from the harsh cold winds.

Hope you enjoyed this rounds of street style!!!


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