Whats a night out like in Korea?

Well a lot of inquiring minds like to know what the night scenes are like here in Korea…well thier not much different from the states. Koreans can drink and they love their soju but us foreigners usually make it a night versus just eating, drinking, then heading home in the wee hours of the night…

This particular night was shared with one of my San Diego friends I met out here. It was her birthday celebration so we first met up @ Hooters!!! Yes theirs a Hooters out here

However this Hooters is a bit different because all the girls are Korean *duh* and they dance every hour on the hour. Korean pop is very BIG out here a.k.a K-pop, so most Koreans emulate their dance moves any way possible. I caught a couple of pics of them while they danced their little hearts out. 

We kept joking that the girl on the far left hated her job because she NEVER smiled.

so that went on for about 5-7mins

Then we of course chit chatted because there were some new faces for me to meet!! That’s always exciting

We were showing the formal way of saying NO in Korea

The Birthday Girl

Sometimes you play ESL games like this one because someone is always thinking outside the box to carry things like this with them…

I just finished acting out the word "Model" hahahaha

Then it took us seriously an hour to figure out how we were going to get to hongdae taking a taxi with 11 people…the taxis out here will not let you ride with more then 4 people per car so it was drama….lol. I got to ride with Jason and Tommy love them!!!! I had to get some cash so I was serenaded by their lovely voices, I found out they like to sing and rock out together, plus I always like rollin with the guys!!! On our way to Hongdae Jason sat in front with the driver who he decided to have random conversations with hahahaahahaha I love that people love to get to know the drivers…..I kept joking with Tommy like “OH SNAP Jason can speak fluent Korean” and Tommy with his straight/tired/ slightly tipsy face was like “He can only speak like 5words” LMAO!!!! I started busting out laughing, cuz the cab driver was like having an in depth convo anyway Jason was like “Tommy I can speak I studied Korean for like 5months”

So moving on I got to know Tommy who I like LOVE, its funny how a lot of the foreigners you meet out here have like either the same life you once had or similar…Tommy lived in ATL and like completely knew about my University and so we were just going on and on about our life and careers and grad school it was totally organic, anyways we all meet up and hit up the first spot Sensation. It was like complete Motown, 80s, 90s and I was totally feelin the vibes it was geek chic, hippie, indie, artsy fartsy, funkadelic type heads in there….the kind of people I always imagined myself to be surrounded around. I felt at home and comfortable. And suprisingly everyone could dance it was the strangest thing…

As you walk in theirs totally cool artwork happening everywhere but this one in particular was like FA REAL….I dunno call me a freak but I like it– take a look…

with the flash

Without the flash

So yea the picture was definitely in your face and I couldn’t stop staring…So this is what brings me to my next inquiry…for a country that is very conservative about sex, and very modest about their PDA, why is it most Korean night venues or lounges use such in your face extreme displays of artwork??? I mean I’m not complaining but it’s definitely a curiosity of mine.

The rest of the night we danced the night away till the trains began running again….OMG I’m such a grandma at times because I was ready to go by 3:30am but the trains don’t start until 5:30am 😦 and Tommy can dance his ass off, I’ve never met anyone like him he’s definitely a special character!!!!!(FYI-i’m not crushing on him, I just appreciate cool people)

(l) to (r) Cynthia, Elise, Tommy, and Heather

(l) to (r) Merriam a.k.a latin mami, tommy, me

nathan. merriam, tommy, me

I met this gentlemen he's an accomplished and published writer and he was signing a book I had bought, Amazing!!!

Jason loves to dance as well

Cynthia gettin her sexy on

 On to the next club

koreans love to get their pics taken by foreigners

I was diggin his Benjamin Bixby look



Why so sad? lol

Go away

Hey Mr. DJ..he was pretty dope

This always cures the sadness

Nathan losing his damn mind

Cynthia about to give nathan and red the bizness

I'm always down to meet new people

was getting my dance fever on

Kiss that if you dont like it

All in all you can get really waisted for very cheap if you want to(I was sober this time around) then dance the night away!!!!


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