I got a new toy!!!

So 2weeks ago my gurl Shenae took me to the mecca of all electronics here in South Korea!!!! I’m talking about anything you can think of electronics is here at this 6 level emporium– it was wild…y’all know I’ve been in the market for a DSLR, a Canon to be exact. Upon first arrival I laid my eyes on the perfect one but was it the price I willing to spend???? The dude was hella cool and he first quoted me a price that was very reasonable but I wasn’t quick to hop on anything just quite yet, we walked around to other vendors and me and Shenae had  a riot watching these fools as they obviously made up prices in their heads. We would ask them how much the camera was and they would say something like 900,000won then we would ask how much was it for the camera and the lens together then they would say 920,000 won oh for real a lens only cost 20,000 GTFOH  (American dollars that is like equivalent to $19 for a lens) we would look at each other like do we have stupid written on our faces, laugh and then chuck the dueces. We went to another booth where this other vendor tried to sell me a camera that wasn’t even the model I was asking for.  He was trying to sell me some low budget cannon sidekick (I aint even heard of this) I kept telling him NO!! I want a Cannon 450D he would say yes this is it sidekick and 450D same thing………….um NO sir I said 450D, I don’t want that mess your tryna sell me, I want the 450D!!! He then continues to pull down the box that clearly states sidekick and continues to pull out the lens, the battery charger, the memory card, and the filter like I was really about to purchase this thing!!! Sir I don’t think you get it… I don’t know what the heck that is… but I don’t want it, I want this ONE RIGHT HERE!!! Yogi(this means here in Korean) SEE the box says 450D he then vehemently shakes his head angered and says he aint got it…… Shenae was like why is he being so shady why won’t he sell you the camera….I was like I dunno he’s trippin….I asked him if he had the camera even in stock and he then said NO (why couldn’t he just say that from jump instead of trying to sell me some low budget sidekick I have never even heard of) be carfeful when buying your electronics out her e because they will shiest you especially if your non-novice of electronics

So I came to the conclusion that the first guy I went to was going to be the best vendor to purchase from and I was ready to get my hustle on for a cheaper price…in these kind of venues you can definitely haggle a different price especially when they don’t have price tags on them….I had done some price research for a different model but I was determined to get it at the price of that model…..I ended up getting the camera for a steal I paid 820,000 won for everything a bag, lens, filter, battery/charger, and memory card.( when I got home I priced the camera and found out it was $1000US for just the body, and the lens, I paid $714US  WoooooOOOOWW hahahahaha)

So I have been dusting off my notes and learning the tricks of the trade, practicing and what not, so stay tuned for hotter pictures and better quality. Here are a couple of pics while we were at the venue….


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