My Korean family

So immediately upon moving out here I was taken in by a korean family that lives right across the street from me I dont know why but they instantly felt the need to take care of me. Ever since then I have dinner at their house every Tuesday and Wednesday, I love it because they cook mostly for me and I eat a lot(most times they eat earlier so by the time I get there its all for me, and then the husband comes home after I finish playing with the kids) I absolutely adore this family they have taken VERY good care of me…its the main reason I think I havent gotten homesick really(I got homesick ONE time late at night…. it was so random thank god it was bedtime so I slept it off)

So let me explain how I met them, on the second night of my arrival my super-Suchin came to the apartment to see if everything was ok…when I opened the door he looked like he was mad as hell to see me there(lolz…big misunderstanding on my part) he was sputtering out all these korean words but I knew for some reason he was the owner of the building so I let him in, he kept trying to talk to me but I just couldnt figure out what it was he was wanting. I told him to call my co-teacher but he wasnt haven it so he called Hui Yeon & Hyun Ji thier sisters. They came over immediately and Hyun Ji can speak English very well so she helped translate everything— now all is well. Hui Yeon brought her sons over so thats how I meet the fam….we exchanged numbers and they instantly offered their services if I ever needed anything, or if I ever got lonely I could go over there, or if I were hungry…..Now ya’ll know folks say that all the time but they dont really mean it so I just smiled and nodded….

2weeks go by and there is a knock on my door….who the hell could it be???? cuz I know I dont have any friends….its Hui Yeon and Hyun with the boys…..I was so delighted to see them, they came over and the boys love hammy so they kept playing with him while the sisters looked at me in admiration and smiles…..For what ever reason they were really worried for me, they wanted to make sure I was eating and that I wasnt depressed because they knew I was so far away from home!!!! Its Korean culture to always bring over fruit, food or some sort of gift so they had all sorts of snacks to eat while we talked…they told me the boys loved me…. and in my mind I couldnt understand how??? When our last encounter was so short. But I have learned first impressions are how they gauge someone, so I must of wowed them some way some how….anyways they came over a couple more times, Hui Yeon even brought over dinner one night but it wasnt until they finally extended an invite that I began going over to thier house!!! I was excited because I am a culture freak and I wanted to see how Koreans live—the Korean family life is very tight knit they all live under the same roof and the youngest(Hyun) since she is not married is required to live at home till she is…however Hui Yeon lives there with her parents her husband and kids….of course most Americans would never commit to such living standards but they live harmoniously. And after going over there so many times I have realized they live their own lives and get along great when their all there….oh they do have a brother but he lives in the next city over with his wife but he pops up quite frequently.

I have met Hui Yeons husbands sister and her husband and kids and their wonderful ones a comic book artist and let me tell you this girls got skillz…everytime I see her I try to convince her to got to California to pursue the arts there but she always says” NO i’m to scared’ shes very humble about her work and shes super shy—heres some pics of my Korean fam!!!

The youngest woojin...his facial expressions be cracking me up

The oldest wounbin

my korean mom Hui Yeon

one of my favorites 'sam gyup sal'


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