Adriennes going away party….sniffle sniffle

OHHhhhh how I will miss thee Adrienne…such short time together

So I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Jamaican out here….you may remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned a girl named Adrienne!!!! Well her last day came and went but we partied hard and had a hell of a time….lets get to the story Lolz. 

So we were all supposed to meet in a town call Beomgye (pronounced bum-gay) we were supposed to meet right outside the subway exit at 9pm on the dot but since the trains move at a mind of their own I got there at about 9:10…I was pissed because no one was there, in my mind im thinking damn they were not playing when they said meet at 9sharp….so I kept it moving looking around for Bar 10….now if you could see where I was at, this was no easy task as there are signs freaking everywhere, stacked on top of each other, looking all the SAME and lit very bright…grrrrrrr!!! Now i’m pissed because I been walking around for 15-20mins like a lost child and I still have yet to see anybody. Of course Adrienne’s phone has been disconnected already, and its not like I had anybody else’s number(I told y’all i’m a loner in these streets hahaha)….ok one more try—- so I find bar 10…yay!!! But no people WTF!?! Am I dreaming??? Is this really happening, oh wells I tried… so I was walking down the stairs headed back to the train station when I see nothing but foreigners piled in front of the building…this has gotta be them. Theirs one thing I love about Korea, you can always spot the foreigners(nothing like where’s waldo) I roll up to the crew as if I  already knew them like eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!! They were all looking at me like dang she crunk—-everyone was like heeeyyyyy we found another one!!!! 30seconds later Adrienne strolls up all laid back and cool….i’m like what it do? what happened to 9pm??? Of course she said she was there…blah blah…I wasnt trippin though I was just happy it wasnt a wasted trip!!! so we all made it and now its on to the next one…. 

The crew

see how we stick out

So we head over to a new location as bar 10 is packed and no seats are available for our massive crew…we go across the way to somewhere else I dont remember???? And upon walking there, there are new faces to meet and greetings to be had…you will never guess what happened next—2 of the girls that came out that night were fresh from Cali, and not only were they from Cali but they were from San Diego WHAATTTTTT!!! I screamed, What part??? They answer Rancho Penasquitos!!! WHAT SHUT UP!!! I screamed again. Their like what part do you live in??? I was like Poway (ok these 2 cities are like 5mins away so you could imagine our excitement) What a small fucken world OMG!!!!! So we chilled all night Heather and Elise… 

SD crew

So we drank tons of flavored Soju…kiwi soju to be exact and I was feeling the scene. Soju is like Japanese Sake but Soju has more kick in my opinion!!! Me and Leah ordered food and everyone was getting lit except Adrienne, she had a flight to catch the next day…. 

I just love dinner parties


Sam and her kiwi-flavored soju shot

(r) to (l) Angela, Erin, Leah

The only man to be with the 15 deep female crew

Told yall about me feelin myself/ we had to make another soju run at the store for the next event

me and Angela!! luvs her...shes korean but was raised in America and she speaks fluent korean

ok lets hit up some Norebang!

Alright so the next event was Norebang!!! Norebang is pretty much karaoke but like with posh digs…i’m talkin about separate rooms with plush seating, instruments, flat screen tvs, and special lighting…we were all drunk minus Adrienne so it was about to get crazy!!!!! I of course had to sing Beyonce- Single ladies to get me started off…Adrienne taped it so I dont have footage thank god well except this picture of Sam and I shakin our marachas…..phew 

yea it was that serious

dont even ask

 Everyone was up in here groovin.. 




The special effects

Adreinne and I after we got that perfect score singing Foo Fighters-best of you!!! I've always wanting to rock out on this song!!!

putting are shoes back on to hit up the next spot..oh yea no shoes allowed

So Adrienne had planned to make this a easy going night but us party like a rockstar kids couldn’t get enough so we had to hit a club…It was called stag!!! yea buddy I was ready fa sho!!!I havent partied in a long time so go big or go home.. 

This white boy rolled up on me like he knew me I wasnt trippin he was a cutie and could he dance to the beat





Everyone was gettin it nobody was holdin up the wall

me and this dude just started wild'n out together it was mad funny

All in all it was a good fucken night!!!! minus Adrienne leaving us 😦 


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